"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I won a trip to California with my work. The airfare and the hotel were included.
Before Andy and I headed off too the airport to catch my 12:24 flight to L.A. we went for a 5 mile run. I really enjoy running with Andy. It calms me down and teaches me to coach and motivate.

Andys back was really hurting and at about a mile and a half it started to spasm. He told me to just "GO". " Take the Garmin and Go." 
I replied, " Andy, I did not come out here this morning to run for any reason but to run WITH YOU, I am not going any where."
We finished our run all the way through and once again I am encouraged by the amount of determination and strength my husband has.

I am typing this portion on my airplane. We are currently an 1hour and 30 minutes in to our delayed flight. There are almost 20 of us scattered all over this plane from my Salon.
I am sitting behind a bigger scaredy cat then me..or maybe we are more similar than I want to admit. We both had duplicate sweaty palms and exhaled sighs of relief at our cruising altitude. But over all so far it is a easy flight. I even got up and found me a few girls I knew and hung out in the back with them for a bit.
I got to let out some nervous energy. When the stewardess came around with our refreshment she didn't ask me to leave rather asked me "What would you like to drink?"  "A sprite please." I replied.

You might be wondering why someone like me who hates flying, gets sweaty palms, anxiety and has even been known to start crying does not take anything or does not have a drink?

It was about 6 years ago. We were flying out to see my brother and sister in Florida. I was a mess. A hot mess. I had actually bought a little shooter with vodka and was going to mix it with orange juice. We were running late and I was in hysterics trying to find orange juice to make my calming cocktail. I looked like an alcoholic about to go through the DT'S.  I remember carting 2 little boys unaware with Andy through the airport frantically looking for this ingredient for my anxiety elixir. Andy was trying to calm me and quietly says as I am drinking my potion," Nita, how does that make you feel with our two little boys watching you as you are drinking that and not relying on God?" "Where is your faith?"
I have not taken anything for a flight SINCE. I get on that plane, yes, still nervous, and a bit scared but the only thing I am relying on is Gods comfort and protection. You may think I am still a mess. But honestly I am not on the curbside hurled over crying like I used to be! I have come a long way!

Running with Purpose
It is sometimes hard for us to just lace up our shoes and go for a run. We will even look for different obstacles to detour us from even getting out the front door.
But having a set plan and a purpose is where we can take our training to a new level. Having a purpose, and setting goals prepares our mind and helps us not only set goals but also accomplish them.

Here are 5 Points that were listed in August Runners World on putting purpose to your run:

1.BUILD ENDURANCE:  Run long and slow. These runs force your heart and lungs to adapt to working overtime which beefs up your cardiovascular system.

2.GET FASTER: Run 1of 3 types of speed workouts: Short, all out intervals: Longer intervals close to race pace: Or Short periods of faster running (fartleks). These sessions all recruit fast-twitched muscle fibers, which helps build overall strength and power.

MIMIC YOUR RACE: Practice your overall race strategy, including your warm up and fueling, while running your gaol pace and/or running a route that simulates the course.
SHRED STRESS: Leave the watch at home and forget about pave or mileage.

SOCIALIZE: Be flexible. Depending on your running buddy, social runs can be a breeze or a challenge. "Running with a friend allows you to go farther and sometimes faster because your in the middle of a conversation and suddenly you're at the end of a run," says Walker.

I wanted to run when we got into Santa Monica but ran our of time. Hoping tomorrow morning and afternoon I will get a little more time to get out there and run!
Just a little fun~


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