"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Three times Two many.

75' degees on November 1st? Who would have thought!
I was itching to get out of work. My last client walked out of the salon at 2:30pm.
And I left not too long after.
I took my sweater off and put my sun glasses on.
I couldn't get home fast enough.

It was Andys birthday and he wanted to go for a trail run out at Holdridge.
The gift that shares with others. He wanted me to go with him. I liked that gift.

With shorts on and a light weight top I was itching to go play. Bare legs in November? Heaven.

We had to locate a parking spot when pulling into the parking lot off Hess rd. Apparently, hitting the trails was not a unique idea.

We had limited time. I still had to make Andy his taco dinner for his birthday. Mom and dad were coming over at 6:30 for dinner and cake.

The sun felt like the first time on my skin. The air was warm hugging my skin. The trails were flirting with me, begging me to come play.

Andy took off without missing a beat. I picked it up to stay on his toes. The trail was painted with bright yellow leaves. Autumn masked the trails little terrors, roots, rocks and stumps.
I could hear my breathing just minutes into our run.
Sweat lightly beaded along my hair line.
It felt more like a day in June than November.
I wanted to take my top off but we were not the only ones on the trail. "BIKE BACK!" I yelled at Andy and jumped to the side to let 4 guys pass us.

I didn't talk much as I concentrated on where I landed my feet. "Stay light Nita, on your toes." I reminded myself.

Even with each intentional step, I hit a root on the outside of my foot and "POP"! I winced as I twisted my left ankle.

I kept running, I babied my left side secretly accessing the damage.

We ran the hills. Hitting the switchbacks at a 9min pace you almost get dizzy.
Coming unto mile 2 before we hit the technical loop "SNAP"! There goes my ankle again. This time I had to slow down. "THERE it goes AGAIN!" I barked. Andy reluctantly stopped. "You OK?"
I was trying to catch my breath. "Yes, Lets go." I hobbled forward.

We decided not to do the technical loop but do the Lakside loop. This would give us 5 miles.
"CRAP! There is GOES AGAIN!" I screamed.
Third time. This time I thought I did it in. I had to stop all together.
I sat on a stump, stumped.
Andy reacted too fast and I snapped at him. "Well, if you weren't running the trails at a 9:10 pace!"
I couldn't swallow my words fast enough. It was his birthday. This was supposed to be fun.
"I'm Good, Lets go, I got this."
I was more determined to run lighter, stronger and more deliberate.
It hurt but I didn't want Andy to know.
"I'm sorry, its not your fault, I liked the pace we were running, My ankle is compromised twisting it so many times."

We stopped for a couple pictures it was so colorful. I would have stayed out there for hours.
Time was limited, we booked it back to the car.
I never twisted my ankle again.
3 times was more than enough.
Smile for the camera, act like your ankle feels GREAT!

Tuesday is not usually a run day for me.
I am never in bed at 8:30pm. It feels so good sitting in bed under my down comforter with my music in my ears and the laptop on my legs.

My eyes are heavy. Tomorrow is another off schedule day. Very busy again. I think I am going to go to bed early and hit the gym at 7am.
That's the plan tonight.....

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 45:43
Pace: 9:09


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