"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, November 7, 2016

This and That

Blue skies, crimson trees
Shh, leaves rustling, twigs snapping
Lost in the romance.

Todays haiku.

I think I had my headphones in my ears for half the day. And when I didn't, I was in the car listening to music.
I grew up listening to music. It helps me focus, calms me down, gets my going and tunes the chatter out in between my ears.
Why am I telling you this...My headphones are misbehaving. They are cutting in and out and sounding like the music is coming out of a tunnel.

This little annoyance brings me to some of my PET PEEVES.
  1. When my headphones come up "Missing"...
  2. When people park their shopping cart in front of their car and leave it. UGH! Especially when the cart station is just 20 feet away. I went to Target a few days ago and about 3 times I went to pull in a parking spot but a shopping cart was parked there. SERIOUSLY people, its been 60' degrees out, WALK you CART!
  3. When you grab a box of cereal, breakfast bars, chips, carton of milk and it is EMPTY!
  4. When you go to bed and the kitchen is spotless, no dishes in the sink and in the morning it looks like WW111. And NOBODY knows how it happened. When I find "NOBODY" they are in BIG trouble.
  5. Getting pimples at 42. What they heck? Wrinkles, gray hair and pimples? That's a terrible combination.

Nobody likes a Debbie Downer: Here area Few Fun things.
  1. I love Sharpies. All colors, shapes, sizes.
  2. I love the smell of candles, cilantro lime. Ahh. Anything clean. Not sweet.
  3. I drive by the old apartments we used to live in on Dixie Hwy and E. Holly Rd almost everyday and always look. Our apartment was burnt down. We lived in a Motel for almost a year afterwards. 
  4. I don't like a dark house. I like the house opened up.
  5. I can't sleep on my back. I am a side sleeper, pillow in between my legs.

I was solo today. I went to check out the trails at Independence Oaks. Sunday I am running a half marathon out there.
I was going to run 10 miles and try to keep it as close to a 9min/mi. as I could.  At mile 4, I was looking up a stinking hill and already in the hurt locker. I was breathing so heavy I was glad I was alone.
I was so frustrated. I decided I would cut my run down to 8 miles and then hike another 2 miles. It was so pretty out I wanted to enjoy it without scaring everything with my breathing.

I wanted to stay there all day. I just ran. I had no idea where I was going. I didn't look at a map, I figured best case scenario, I get lost, worst case scenario, I get lost. I really didn't mind getting lost.
The thing I minded the most was that I was such a wimp. I couldn't get my legs moving or prevent my lungs from burning. I secretly kept waiting for my lungs to just explode out of my chest.
They never did. It was a slow fade.

I was still lost as I headed to my car, which was located somewhere in the park.
An Adventure.
I found a map. It was really quite easy back to my truck. I was hoping it would have been more difficult. I was impressed with my map reading skills. Such a big girl!

Distance: 8 miles
Pace: 9:18
Hiked another 2 miles.

Finishing out Monday:
I was starving when I got back to the truck. But I somehow managed to forget to eat. I had brought 2 clementine's and a protein bar.
All I could think about was COFFEE. Austin was blowing my phone up with his list he needed at the grocery store. Without showering I headed to Grand Blanc, Krogers and Tim Hortons.
The music distracted my hungry belly.
Then the warm coffee in my belly postponed my hunger.
Heading home from the grocery store about 2pm my belly was growling.

I really didn't have time to eat. I had floors to sweep, mop, laundry to put away, groceries to put away, dinner to start and I NEEDED a SHOWER before Andy came home.

And I got it all done. Lines in the carpet, smelling like Lysol.
And I didn't smell half bad either- after I bathed off the woods. That woodsy smell is nice in a bottle purchased at a counter, but not the same in its element.

Cilantro rice with sautéed peppers and onions, and marinated and grilled steak. Topped with white corn, avocado, green onions, spicy black beans, fresh cilantro and tortilla strips.

Dinner was worth the wait. And the whole family was raving about the steak. I grilled it on high, flipped it about 8 minutes in, then 8 minutes later I went to check on it and pull it...The propane was empty!  The grill was still very hot thankfully.  I pulled the Flank Steak off and placed tinfoil over it for about 5 minutes. It was perfect.

Totally forgot tomorrow is the ELECTION! Should be an interesting day to say the least.


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