"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, November 14, 2016

I miss..

The problem with routine is when you no longer have it you struggle.
All summer Ken and Matt and I ran.
We ran 16 miles. It was like clockwork.
In the beginning, I was shy and quiet just trying to figure out what my place was, where I fit in.
I didn't know these guys from Adam.
I took to the tail end as we ran through Holdridge.
Many Mondays it was 90 degrees by 9am. I am pretty tolerant to the heat, that was my saving grace.

I was able to keep up. Or maybe they were just slowing down.
Slowly, I started sharing "Me". I allowed "Anita" to start coming out.

We had a great summer. We would run and after our runs I would have peppers cut up and Ken would have Watermelon to share. Matt, he could barely remember to take the garbage out.

The summer is over. All that summer training lead us all to our races. Races, recovery, tapering, our Mondays have fell apart.

Today, poor Ken got sick, I am sore from Backroads half Marathon and Matt was pouting because we bailed on him and his wife Paula.
I could have ran with the two of them, but it would have been turtle slow. Paula is stallion fast.

I bailed and hit the gym.
I was so excited to see Jeff. Jeff is a retired male version of me. He is one of my favorite people. I laugh practically the whole time I am with him. He is so goofy.
"Hey Nitagirl, what are you doing today?"
I replied, "I don't know, whatever you are doing!"
He started off with abs using the wheel. My belly is sore already. Its funny, you get all done and feel like you have a body builder 6 pack..then you sneak at peak...yeah no.

Ken was doing a 2 mile time trial. I got my paybacks. I stayed on his heals coaxing him alone like a royal PITA.

Our 8:24 min/mi felt great. Glad it was only for 2 miles! I did however run 4 miles on the track total.
We finished up and stretched. I saw dad in the PT area on a bike. We went over and chatted for a minute.

Jeff headed out.

I headed back for more. I jumped on the TM for a mile of strides.

5 miles.

My routine has changed a lot. I miss running with Danielle on Thursdays. I miss our summer Mondays.
I miss not having a tooshy that's not sore everyday.
I miss the 90 degrees.
I even miss training for something.

But I Have Glass City in April to look forward too. I think! Oh training in the winter. I DON'T Miss THAT!


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