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Thursday, November 3, 2016

7 Lakes Colors

I was just chatting with a friend about growing old. I AM FIGHTING it.

I am not ready to grow old. I am not ready to slow down, calm down or settle down.

I met the girls today to run out at 7 Lakes State Park. It was 50 degrees out. Total madness for Michigan.
The leaves would be in full color and we would be running right smack in the middle of it.

Before we even started running, the 4 of us decorated a poster board for Ken and Matt. They are running Mountain Masochist in Virginia Saturday. It is a 50 mile trail run loaded with sweat and pain. Take off boys, have fun!
I made 2 signs, one for each of them  at home. The 4 of us took some fun photos to send them.

The fun never ended.

The trails at 7 lakes were absolutely magnificent. I was cautious to run after my Monday run with Andy, where I twisted my ankle 3 times.
I never fell, twisted or tripped. I did however, slip multiple times. It rained all day yesterday making the trails slick. There was mucky that made your feet come out from under you. "Slick"  "Roots" "Rock" we all took turns telling.
Even though the sky was gray, we did not let it dampen our spirits.
The leaves do not stay in color very long. We took the opportunity to enjoy the scenery, take pictures and be silly.

We had to stop several times to check the map. I just followed blindly. The one time I thought I knew where we were, I was WRONG!

I think I am going to go back this weekend it is supposed to be really pretty out. I would love to see the woods with a big blue sky.

Distance: 10.5
Pace 11:30


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