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Monday, October 31, 2016

Grown up Life, BLAH!

Too many people grow up.
That's the real trouble with the world,
too many people grow up.
They forget.
- Walt Disney

I love being a parent. One of the reasons I have always loved being a parent is because I could be a kid.
Free Spirited.

I know how to be serious. I just don't take myself too serious. I enjoy deep conversations. I love listening to peoples stories. I have areas in my life that are solemn and very sober.

I just don't attend to that arena all the time.

Because I am ultimately a goofball. I love laughing. Being ridiculous, and characteristically adolescent.

This was a sad sad day in my days of being a mother. In the days of Halloween. I have SOO many costumes.
I have been a Japanese warrior, a army gal, a karate kid, a witch, a Halloween Princess, a Scottish warrior, a vampire, a Wizard, the list goes on. I have so many costumes. I love dressing up.

Yesterday, was trunk or treat at church. I got to dress up in my old stand by, The Witch. We had about 1000 people come through Grand Blanc high school where we had decorated the truck and I of course decorated myself!

Parents would point at my green face and say"Look Hunny, she is a Good Witch."
Andy would reply "Oh NO she isn't!"

My kids did not want to go trick or treating this year.

It is heart breaking. I was crushed.

My kids are too old to go trick or treating.
This was very serious for me.

I have always been able to use them as a escape goat to be immature.
But the sad day has come that they are growing up faster than I am.

But don't you worry too much about me, I still dressed up! I was meeting Ken to run and dressed up for him.
I pulled up next to him and he literally did a double take looking at me.  Ken is learning very quick what a knuckle head I am.  For 60 years old, he too is a big kid.
I had my black running tights on with a purple tutu on. My hair was enormous in crazy curly pigtails and I had a pink bandana around my neck. And of course I had make up on. Bright red lips and black eyeliner and mascara. Ken has never seen me in makeup, that's probably what really freaked him out.
 I left my hair and makeup that way all day, even to do errand. I even found a pumpkin tee-shirt to wear around town.
Ken and I ran at Dauner park in Fenton. Easy, super peasey run. The trails added together just barely gets you 5 miles. It was more like we were running in circles. But it was really nice. Looming oak trees that would open up into a pine forest with nothing but needles on the ground. It was lovely.

It is nice to run, walk, talk and just chill out. Nothing too serious in the books to run.
Running for fun, the way it should be every once in a while.
You are the music while the music lasts. ~T.S. Eliot
Downloaded some new music. I love music. I always have music playing. At home, in my truck, all the time.
  • Handclap: Fitz and The Tantrums
  • Feel the Love: Rudimental Feat. John Newman
  • Guys my Age: Hey Violet
  • Sucker for Pain: Lil Wayne&Wiz Khalifa
  • Guillotine:Jon Bellion
Handclap is my favorite. But I love the beat to Feel the Love. Guillotine is catchy. Love the words. It has a good "Shimmy Shimmy" beat.
Guys my Age is more provocative than I realized. Opps. But I LOVE the BEAT.

My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require. ~Edward Elgar

Any Good Music you would recommend?


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