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Thursday, February 11, 2016

No SPIN for me!

This winter I have been spoiled running outside as much as I have. The last two days  I have had back to back treadmill running.
Andy was in the spin class  by the time that I arrived at GAC. I saw him and Jeff putting the pedal to the metal. I tried to sneak to the locker room. Andy was all excited when I said I would be going to the gym. He was really trying to get me in the spin class.


I found my favorite treadmill and headed in that direction. Due to extreme cold Danielle hit the TM at home. 
My goal was to try and duplicate Danielle and my Thursday runs.

8 miles @ a 8:30-9 m/m with a strong finish.
Danielle always pushes me that last mile or two, so  I knew I needed to finish winded and tired.

With my latest Runners World magazine in front of me and my music pounding in my ears I was very focused.
I didn't see the 3 of them surround me. Hal, the spin director, Jeff and Andy all came over to harass me about not joining them in Spin. I was perfectly content on my little hamster wheel.
Andy attempted to hug me with his sweaty shirt. I thought I was going to fall off the TM trying to get away from him with no where to go. It was funny to think I was actually running but going no where!
Jeff was calling me names, so I said to Hal, "Hal, apparently you need to work Jeff harder so he can't run his mouth so much!"
It was hard to stay focused, the gym was like a big party this morning. I had another gal come up to me with this big beautiful smile say "HEY! you should come join us in Spin."
It is so hard to ride a bike when all you want to do is RUN!

The TM can be soo boring. BUT there is a lot you can do to switch it up.
Here are a couple TREADMILL REMINDERS:
  1. Keep your incline at least 1/2 %. helps simulate elevation conditions.
  2. Remember you have to pick up the intensity a little more because you are not contending with hills, turns or wind.
Keeping that TM relationship burning!
  1. Add intervals: easy mile run, run 3 minutes at a 5k pace then drop it down for 5 minutes at a conversational pace, repeat 4-6 times finish with an easy jog/walk, whatever you comfortable with.
  2. Add HILL intervals. Do the same or similar run only adding hills at a step down pace for 3 minutes then drop you hills down and add speed.
  3. Progressive RUN. 1 mile warm up. Then every mile, or every "X" amount of minutes or laps increase you speed. Finishing hard and strong.
Warm Up: 8-12 minutes at 1.5 to 2 percent grade, starting off with a slow jog. In the last 3-5 minutes of the warm-up, gradually increase to your standard aerobic speed (outside pace). This gives your heart rate time to catch up. (Note: HR is not a good indicator until you've been running for about 15-20 minutes.) Once at aerobic speed, you're ready to go into the first set
  • First Set: 6x2 minutes on a hill with 1-minute rest intervals; effort should be moderately hard at the offset

    • 45 seconds at 5 percent grade (don't change speed)
    • 45 seconds at 6 percent grade (don't change speed)
    • 30 seconds at 7 percent grade (don't change speed)
    • 1 minute rest interval at 2 percent grade (remain at your aerobic pace; don't go down to a softer speed)
    • Repeat 5-8 more times

  • Second Set (leg turnover): 8-12x20 seconds at 0-.5 percent grade; you should be working at a sub-threshold pace. Segments are short to avoid unnecessary stress.

    • Run for 20 seconds with good balance, symmetry and control; it's not a flat out sprint.
    • Jump off belt and straddle the treadmill for 20 seconds
    • Jump back on for 20 seconds
    • Repeat this sequence 8-12 times

  • Third Set (if time permits): Run steady at aerobic pace for 12-20 minutes (1.5-2 percent grade).
  • Extra Credit: Repeat sets 1 (with slight modification) and 2.

    • Set 1 (modification): 6x1 minute on hills from 5- to 7-percent grades. Effort should be moderately hard to hard at the end. Include a rest interval of 1 minute between each round.
    • Set 2: Same leg turnover set at 8x20 seconds

  • Cool Down
  • Print this OFF and put it on your TM!
  • http://nitasliferunning.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-treadmill-doesnt-have-to-be.html
    This is an older Post on TM running. Some fun tips and ideas. Along with the link to my FAVORITE TM workout.

    DISTANCE: 8 miles
    DISTANCE: 6 miles

    How is YOUR TRAINING GOING?? WHO is still consistant with their Ab workout??


    1. Thanks for this post. I don't treadmill but if/when I do, this is a great approach.

      1. Claudia, you are an outdoor girl! All day long, I cant see you trapped inside unless you are doing downward dog!