"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Keep it Simple!

 "Still as they run they look behind, they hear a voice in every WIND, and snatch a fearful joy."
-Thomas Gray "Ode on a distant Prospect of Eton College."

Long Run Sunday. Sunday are run days. That is just what they have always been. It is so hard to explain to people that do not run. My training requires this. You cant cheat training or you will pay for it later.
I felt so bad leaving breakfast today in a whirlwind. Lacey was waiting for me in the parking lot of the Villager and I had only taken 3 bites out of my chicken pita. We had to meet Joan in Grand Blanc to run our long run together.
The weather was a 50' and sunny. But don't let that fool you. Even though we were removing layers didn't mean our run was totally a "bask in the sun". We got the snot beat out of us between the wind that literally PUSHED us and the dodging of massive mud puddles. We were working hard. We had one car hit a gigantic puddle just missing us with at least a 5ft spray.  It was a bit of a ego boost in Grand Blanc though, just when I was feeling tired and awful a car passed us whistling and hollering. Joan and I quickly discovered it wasn't for us. I alone look like a confused adolescent, 12 year old boy body with a 42 year old face.  Then there was Lacey, Blonde hair blowing with a sports bra that still cant cover her "C" cup breasts up!  I knew they weren't honking at me!


This Week I got in an extra run with Lacey on Saturday after work. 3.5 miles
I was able to get 5 out of 7 days with my crunches/sit-ups. Giving me 700 crunches/sit ups.

These look they could be Super Hero Tights!
Downtown Holly, being slap happy and silly with Lacey!

Laceys loves this view. She was so excited to share the with us. Check out the trees, how perfectly they line the streets.

I got some goodies in the mail from FABULETICS. I purchased these new running tights.

I told you that I want to add more color..Well, they are BRIGHT Pinkish red. They fit great. A little tight on my belly. I have issues with clothing on my waist.

Lacey interrupted me and reached over to grab a handful of fabric, "OH my gosh, those are so tight." Well, they are tights! I am always good about covering up my bum. The material was so soft. Although the length was a little long, the fabric gathered at my ankles, I like didn't mind it at all.  

Chilling after my run. They are so cozy.

TOMORROW IS another LONG RUN and a fun RUN! We are heading to NEW Boston for a 4 mile LEAP YEAR RACE! It is at 6:30 at night. I am going with Lacey and Melissa. Should be fun. I think I will wear my super hero tights again! Because it is going to be Super Fun and I will Need SUPER energy!

  1. Adventure of a Lifetime: Coldplay
  2. Magnets (Feat Lorde): Disclosure
  3. Me, Myself and I :G Easy x Bebe Rexha
  4. Apparently: J.Cole



  1. Love your new blog design, you look fabby in your photo! Love those leggings! Sadly I wore shorts all winter long! Never needed to pull out my leggings!

    1. YOU are too sweet, the reality is I wish I knew how to do a lot more. But I am so bad at the whole computer thing!
      SADDLY..I would LOVE to wear shorts all year. I hate pants! I am so jealous!

  2. This new photo is a-mazing. You look incredible!

    1. Thank YOU Samantha, that is very kind of you. Its a work in progress, very slow turtle crawl!