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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Farmstead. Kensington was CLEAR!

As I pulled into Kensington I was laughing for 2 reasons.
  1. I took the wrong turn 2 times, and I have been to Kensington more times than I can count.
  2. Lacey called while I was turned around, laughing at the fact it was only 2' outside. She was giggling and wondering if Danielle knew it was that cold.
I didn't have to wait to long before Danielle was texting me. "Uh, when did it get so cold?!!!...."
I sat in the parking lot at The Farmstead off the Bruno Rd entrance lacing up my shoes and
waiting for Danielle.
It was a beautiful crystal blue morning. The air was brisk and the trees were glimmering. They had icicles on all the branches.
It was going to be a cold run but I knew I would be fine with sun. We have ran in much worse.

Danielle pulled in with one of those looks "AHH, really?!" She had a big smile to greet me with. I was excited to see her and more excited to run at the park with her.

I can not describe the beauty out there in the park. Every bend, every curve offered more brilliance than you had just seen. The lake was flat and untouched. It was rounded with large trees glowing along its edges. The sun was so bright it danced around the icy branches making them glow.

Our eyelashes were frozen and our breath was billowing as we spoke. It was bitter cold, except we never complained (after that first mile) because the sun warmed us up.
By the time we finished running we were actually quite toasty. Danielle actually was taking her mittens off her hands got so warm.
Even when we finished, it was only 7'degrees out,you would never had known it though. The suns rays were very kind to us.

We normally run about 8.5 miles and walk the last half a mile back to the car. Today, we ran it all and walked around the Farmstead. I really enjoyed looking at the animals. It is amazing how unaffected by the temperatures the animals appeared to be.

Distance: 9miles
Pace: 8:54
We had a great run. I was surprised at our pace, I thought it would be significantly slower due to the first frigid mile and the pictures I took on the run. Not to mention, I was relatively sore starting out.

Michigan Barn of the Year

Review: DOVE Antiperspirant
This is a newer product. It is also my 2nd bottle. It smells so feminine. I ran a long run on the track a few weeks ago and kept looking for a Glade Plug in. Then I discovered it WAS ME! I smelled so pretty. This is a good feeling after running and sweating. I hate to smell. Stink Stinks!


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