"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Treadmill doesnt have to be Dreadville!

Even though the sun was shining out it still was a brutal 22 degrees. I have ran a lot of miles in conditions like this. Today was not one of those days.
I just didn't feel like it.
I packed up the gym bag and headed to Genysis.

I really didn't even feel like running at all.
I argued with myself on the perfect number of miles to run.
Then I argued with myself about where I should run the run that I didn't really want to run.
I even considered ditching the whole idea of running and doing a spin class.
As I pulled into the parking lot there still was not a plan.
As I walked into the women's locker room I decided "NO" to the spin class.
As I walked out of the locker room I decided to hit the Dreadmill for 3 miles. (I was having so much fun 3 miles turned into over 5!)

I am still sore but mostly from my workout on Monday. I have decide to put a sleeping bag in the hurt locker and try to push myself a little more for Boston next year.

I know many of you may think that the TM is a form of self punishment. Well part of that is right. It was originally created as a form of punishment!
An English civil engineer, Sir William Cubitt, designed the first treadmill in 1818 with a dual purpose: it was designed as a way to discipline prisoners while at the same time generating power for grinding corn and pumping water.
 It wasn't for over 100 years later in the 1960s the treadmill was transformed into the hamster wheel some of us love and some of us hate!

The most I have ever ran on the treadmill was 16 miles. We had a terrible ice storm making running outside not a healthy option. But thankfully there was a marathon of Walking Dead that lasted my entire run!
We always have options. I love running outside but I am not a snob about "ONLY RUNNING OUTSIDE".  Good for you if you want to run in 20 degree weather with 30 MPH wind gusts slipping on ice and running through 10 feet of snow.  After 2 knee surgeries, I don't challenge mother nature in her elements.

The treadmill offers other ways to get a great run, good miles and a killer sweat without flirting with injury.

My Favorite Treadmill Workout:

Here is the basic version:
  • Warm Up: 8-12 minutes at 1.5 to 2 percent grade, starting off with a slow jog. In the last 3-5 minutes of the warm-up, gradually increase to your standard aerobic speed (outside pace). This gives your heart rate time to catch up. (Note: HR is not a good indicator until you've been running for about 15-20 minutes.) Once at aerobic speed, you're ready to go into the first set
  • First Set: 6x2 minutes on a hill with 1-minute rest intervals; effort should be moderately hard at the offset

    • 45 seconds at 5 percent grade (don't change speed)
    • 45 seconds at 6 percent grade (don't change speed)
    • 30 seconds at 7 percent grade (don't change speed)
    • 1 minute rest interval at 2 percent grade (remain at your aerobic pace; don't go down to a softer speed)
    • Repeat 5-8 more times
  • Second Set (leg turnover): 8-12x20 seconds at 0-.5 percent grade; you should be working at a sub-threshold pace. Segments are short to avoid unnecessary stress.

    • Run for 20 seconds with good balance, symmetry and control; it's not a flat out sprint.
    • Jump off belt and straddle the treadmill for 20 seconds
    • Jump back on for 20 seconds
    • Repeat this sequence 8-12 times
  • Third Set (if time permits): Run steady at aerobic pace for 12-20 minutes (1.5-2 percent grade).
  • Extra Credit: Repeat sets 1 (with slight modification) and 2.

    • Set 1 (modification): 6x1 minute on hills from 5- to 7-percent grades. Effort should be moderately hard to hard at the end. Include a rest interval of 1 minute between each round.
    • Set 2: Same leg turnover set at 8x20 seconds
  • Cool Down

    The above picture is part of my run routine I like to use for balance and strength. I call it "4 Corners"
    I usually go for about 20-30 minutes starting out with an easy walk/light jog for 5-10 minutes.
    • 2% incline unless you are comfortable to go more. ( I gradually increase mine up to 4%)
    • Speed: at a fast walk/easy jog (I do 4-4.5)
    • 1 minute forward.
    • 1 minute Right Side almost like squats.
    • 1 minute Backwards
    • 1 minute Left Side
    • REPEAT!
    • Hold rails till you get comfortable.
    To add a little extra to this TM routine I will pick up the speed and do 4 corners for 5 SECONDS  on each side. After about 5 minutes of turning clockwise I will do 4 Corners counterclockwise for another 5 minutes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The treadmill offers a lot of options to prevent yourself from feeling like a hamster.
    • Do an interval workout
    • Grab your favorite magazine, preferable a running magazine to keep you motivated. Or maybe a picture of you in your bathing suit to REALLY motivate you!
    • Compete with the person next to you on the TM! (I have had this happen to me more than once!)
    • Add TM to a circuit work out. EX. ABS for 5 minutes, Jump rope for 5 minutes, Weights,  High intensity TM for 5 minutes. Repeat.
    • Squats and lunges are great on the TM. Keep your speed very low. 1-1.5.
    What is the farthest you have ran on a TM?? I have a prize I will mail to the winner. Some goodies I brought back from NYC!
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    3. Contest Goes Through Sunday!


    1. 17 miles!!!! Holy heck it was awful!!!! The only alternative was being outside in a raging blizzard :(

      1. Michelle..How did you get threw that? I know I thought I was going to die even with a good TV show. So far you have gone the longest!

    2. I am your newest follower/subscriber! I LOVE the Walking Dead! It is the only show I ever watch on TV! I am not a treadmill runner, since I live in Arizona we have running weather year round, so the longest I have run on a treadmill is 3.5 miles! LOL and it was dreadful! Hope you have a great week in workouts! Carri~A Running bee

      1. It would be great to have the weather you have in Arizona! I am glad to have you following, Thanks Carri.
        Wlaking Dead is definitely a entertaining pleasure of mine! How di you like that about the Governor?!!

    3. I'm already a loser.. I see someone did 17 miles.. which I've never gone that far in one day in my life :)
      I've done 7 miles training for a half marathon.
      I don't mind it too much - I just seem to go so much slower... & when you're slow to begin with, its like a crawl :)

      1. I am with Danielle, You are NOT a loser. The Treadmill is another area that you have to just get your head around the fact that you are going to be on it. It part of that mental running. It is just as challenging running on the treadmill as it is for running hill or speed work for many.
        7 Miles is still awesome!

    4. NO ONE on her is a loser Rebecca Jo ;) We all have our own goals and distances we can do! You've done a half marathon - THAT is fantastic in itself:)
      I have done 10 on a treadmill coupled with 10 on a stairmaster - again to avoid the lovely winters we have in MI!! I envy you abusybee in AZ!!!

      1. Danielle, After reading you post I am yet again reminded WHY you are such a good running partner, You are so very encouraging and edifying to those around you. I agree with YOU Danielle..Oh to have more Arizona weather!