"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, February 22, 2016

Rocking it to Roughing it!

Before I went to bed I did everything I could think of to recover from my 16 miler with Lacey and be prepared for my long run today.
I felt like a pill popper:

  • 4 Juice Plus capsules
  • 2 Motrin, my legs were twitchy
  • Synthroid,(Thyroid medicine)
  • 1 Meletonin (Helps me sleep)
  • 1 Probiotic capsule

I rubbed my chest with essential oils, RC, drank some green tea and honey and 16oz of water.

I was up all stinking NIGHT! Andy barked at me about midnight because I was flopping all over the bed. The water had me up a half dozen times. I was so stressed, I grabbed my pillow at midnight and slept with Alec.
About 2 in the morning, I remembered I forgot to take NyQuil. It was too late now, I would never get up. Of course the way I felt, I didn't think I would be getting up very good anyhow.

I didn't sleep any better with Alec. I was on the extra mattress on the floor and Sheba thinks it is her bed. She came in all curled up on my head. I felt bad pushing her off. About 3 am, I didn't feel bad ANYMORE. I felt bad for whoever was going to have to deal with me today. She would get up, wait about 2 minutes, then sneak back under the covers with me. I love cuddling with her, but I lost that loving feeling.

Rocking it to Roughing It. 
The coffee didn't even go down good. I was dragging through the house like a zombie. I knew I needed to eat something but food sounded awful. I tried to swallow down a hard boiled egg and thought I would puke. I was able to hold down a turkey sausage but it was work. Food is NOT my friend this early. 

My luck, that I would be beat up and have to go back into the ring again. I was damaged goods. Handicapped.

I met Claudia and we headed over to the entrance of the trails at Holly Rec. I love running out there. And I love having running companions. I am getting pretty familiar with it now. I was so proud of myself. I arrived there without turning around or getting lost. 

We met Kris and Rachel. 
We headed onto the trails about 9:30am.
The trails were frozen but cleared. The scenery was daunting. Even though the woods lacked color and even appeared drab they were very impressive. The trees were so large, we had to climb over a few that had fallen. The bright green moss with its contrast was striking, it almost glowed against the gray bark. And the lakes were icy with snow still covering them. Several times I wanted to go off the path and go exploring down by the lake. I love exploring. 

I loved the sound of nothing but out shoes running over the leaves and path. 

But that is about all I Loved. 
Because I wasn't In LOVE with my fatigue. I wasn't In Love with my sore calf. I wasn't In Love with my burning quads every time we climbed another hill. I wasn't even in love with myself. The dialogue in my head was irritating to say the least. The more I listened to the nonproductive rambling between my ears the harder time I was having. 
Thankfully we broke with run up with fun photos, laughs, and even a little exploring. 

We finished out our 11 miler with smiles and laughter. My body struggled with this run. It was a rough one. 
I had to add some more miles. When I got home I leashed Sheba and we added 2 more miles making my final miles at 13, with just over 800ft of elevation.

One of the reasons I was looking forward to running trails is because I have a new pair of Pearl Izumi's collecting dust. 
I have been itching to try them out.
Project Emotion
Style N1, trail, neutral. 
They rode like a beast. I have no blisters after 11 miles. They are a lighter shoe than my Hoka Cliftons, that I love when running on the trails. The toe box has a steal plate to keep the toes safe against rocks or roots. 
I am used to a little more cushion but my body did fine in them. My feet were secure and I felt more stability in this shoe compared to my Hoka's. I believe this is going to be a great trail shoe for running 15 miles or less, however; my Hoka's provide the cushioning that I need for longer runs. 


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