"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, February 1, 2016

"If you still have BREATH, GRAB IT and NEVER QUIT."

"If  its important, you'll find a way. If not you'll find an excuse."

"Be stronger than your excuses."

I loved that both these quotes that were given to me on my FB page, Running against the ODds had to do with EXCUSES.

The BEST way for me to find myself out of excuses is to great a PLAN FIRST.

MY PLAN: To RUN 10 miles, 10 miles of hills.
Then the excuses came.
"I Ran 11 miles YESTERDAY with Claudia."
"UGH, I didn't sleep, I'm so stinking tired."
"Later, maybe later."
"I woke up late and didn't make it to the gym."
"Maybe I should have a day of rest."

Dragging through the house, feeling like a sloth, I decided to just chill out. I am normally a
"Get UP and GO!" girl.
The only place I wanted to go was back to bed.
I was home alone all weekend. After a spotless house with no hubby and no kids, I was overwhelmed with the destruction they left in just a couple hours of being home.
I had to clean, run, grocery shop and at this particular moment I couldn't spell me name I was so lethargic.
I sipped on my coffee, did my devotional, prayed and then started to feel better. I made breakfast and relaxed and ate. I got caught up on laundry, checked the weather and CHANGED MY PLAN.

THE NEW PLAN: To RUN 13 MILES. RUN hills, taking a route to Holdridge and run a few trails to add injury to insult.
The weather was going to be glorious. No excuses kind of weather! Play outside kind of weather.
My pastor Sunday asked the congregation "remember when you were a kid and played outside..." I chucked listening, "A KID, HA! I still LOVE playing outside!


Pace: 9:25
Fastest mile:
Elevation Gain: 355ft

"If you still have BREATH, GRAB IT and NEVER QUIT." The Revenant
Some of you may think, "13 miles, REALLY?"  Please don't. My 13 miles is no different then the miles or workout you put in as LONG as you gave everything. As long as you aimed HIGH.
My 13 miles were not easy. My legs were sore from running Saturday and Sunday. I took the hardest route I knew accepting the pain before I met it.
I OWNED my RUN before I purchased it.
I can DO this only because GOD says I can. He sees me VICTORIOUS. He has an UNLIMITED supply of my dreams and goals just waiting for one thing..ME.
Me to BELIEVE he is my advocate.
Me to WORK hard for it.
Me to SEEK him for direction, his plan.
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I worked so hard for it today. I took each hill without stopping, sludge spashing in every direction. The tread on my shoes was bogged down with dirt and mud, making it difficult to lift my legs.
I could hear my breath. I could hear my thoughts when I toppled one hill, barely catching my breath to see another one, "AHH, SERIOUSLY." It even hurt to think. I tried to daydream, but the pain kept interrupting my thoughts.
My socks were wet from the mud and my shoes had gravel in them, but I wasn't stopping.
I know how to STOP. I know how to WALK. I needed to run, no matter what RUN.
The trails were scattered with ice and a very slippery clay. I was running 11min/miles. The trails welcomed me at any pace I offered. I could hear the crows and see animal prints in the dirt. Keeping my effort level steady I just ran, or walked, whatever the trail had me do, I did with great pleasure.
WITH every last breath I hit that last mile. I was determined to finish strong. I kept my eyes directed as far as I could see, trying to chase that vision. I tried to get my legs to move faster than my eyes were, but I was so sluggish. My sluggish wasn't enough to quit.
"8 minutes to GUT OUT." I told myself. I reminded myself I can handle 8 minutes of pain, I can handle 8 minutes of burn, But as long as I STILL had BREATH, I was going to GRAB it and NOT QUIT.

"If you still have BREATH, GRAB IT and NEVER QUIT." The Revenant

I loved this movie, It was so INSPIRING. Powerful words. Words to live by.


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