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Thursday, February 18, 2016

ROOT Restaurant review

I have never did a review on a restaurant before.
I am doing this for Angie!

I made reservations at ROOT in White Lake 4 weeks ago and was very pleased to get a 6pm time slot. I thought it would more difficult than it was to get that time because  of what I have heard.
I have NEVER heard a bad review of this restaurant.
WHY I wanted to go:
  1. I enjoy experiencing new places to Dine.
  2. I don't have the opportunity to get all "FANCIED UP" these days. I love getting dressed up, smelling good, feeling pretty and slipping out of running shoes or my TOMS into a pair of heels.
  3. Root is known for the menu items all being local. Fresh, clean and supporting the nearby venders.

We arrived to discover there was NO waiting room, there was also no wait and no one waiting.  This was Valentines Weekend?! Where was everyone? It appeared that they do not operate to full capacity. It isn't about packing people in, its about the dining experience. I was instantly in love.

The tables were not packed on top of one another. The staff were dressed semi-casual. The décor was very clean. A mural of roots stretched across one wall. Earthy colors, neutral tones.

I was excited to see the menu.
I ordered my usual, coffee.
Bread came out, hot and homemade.

Andy and I both knew right away what we wanted. Because we rarely dine at this level but enjoy food, we decided to get "The Tasting Menu"
This was 6 courses of their specialties. 45$

For my first course, I had "chefs Amuse Bouche" This means something along the lines of "tickle your pallet."
And it DID!
Octopus &Black Garlic Terrine. It was lovely.

I had the Scallops. I didn't want to share!
"Smoked Apple butter, Shaved almond Parsley, Brown Butter. Golden Raisin. Pickled Shallot."

Orchard Salad, Andy got the Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad, that was delicious.

This Salad was very large, Andy actually finished for me. Everything was very fresh and flavorful.

INTERMEZZO. We thought we were so brilliant.
"Intermezzo, Hmm, that must mean intermission."
This is actually a course that is light and designed to clear your pallet and prepare you for the main course.
Chai Orange Sorbet
I could have made a meal out of the sorbet. I have never tasted sorbet that amazing. If it was not a nice restaurant I may have licked the dish!

I got the fish, It was Sashimi Grade Tuna with a Sesame sauce over noodles.

I am a big fan of Sashimi Grade Tuna. However, the Sesame flavor was a little over powering. I ate the Tuna and it was magnificent, I am not a big noodle fan, therefore, I did not eat the noodles.
Andys meal was scrumptious, it was Chicken Cacciatore. There was nothing left on his plate.

Dessert! Black Velvet Cheesecake
I think my tongue smacked my brains with this dessert. The portion size was just enough to make you feel like you are in Heaven. It was very fresh, as if they just made it. The crust was textured and rich, yet the Cheesecake was light, unlike any cheesecake I have had before.

I must say, it was not only a wonderful meal, it was a superb experience. The wait staff were very knowledgeable and pleasant.  There was never a wait for anything. The courses were delivered with precision timing.
And the Head chef was only 28 years old!

I would Highly Recommend trying this restaurant out. They are also open for brunch. A dear friend of mine, ALI R. has dined there for brunch a few times and recommended this dining also.

I would Love to HEAR your Comments! Have any of you dined at ROOT?



  1. Yah; a few times. I live about a mile away. I usually only go in for a burger. :)

  2. I really want togo now.. tell Andy your meeting someone to run next friday so we can go ;)


  3. Yum! The Root Restaurant hosted our Wedding dinner. Great food and fantastic service.

  4. I agree, ROOT is the best! My wife loves organic vegetarian fare, and ROOT does a great job with every dish. It's a bit of a hike for us to get there, but always worth the trip!