"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Getting my Moneys Worth

Lacey made some cookies for me!

"It is the athletes job to learn to do the hard things easily." John Jerome
Back to back long runs. Once you wrap yourself around the self torture we begin to not just get used to it but look forward to it.
Most of it anyway. Running long in cold weather is the worst self inflicting pain there is.

Problems with running in the cold:
  • I always over dress. I hate to start out running cold. I would rather shed clothing then be cold.
  • Running tights. I feel like such a hoochie mama in them. Even though they are the best choice for comfort and warmth, running tights are tight! They do not leave much to the imagination. When I see men in running tights I don't know whether to laugh or cry. A lot of trail runners wear them. I have to keep my eyes UP because it is so awkward to talk to them!
  • Problematic running nose. Snot rockets are not as precise in cold weather. This winter I have wore half my snot rockets on my shoulders. It is easier to just wipe my hand across my nose then wearing it across my cheek or shoulder.
  • I can't warm up. I know when I get done running I should ice my legs. But after running I have come to believe that my legs have been iced for "X" amount of time. This being said, I find myself in the bath with a cup of coffee, adding hot water and trying to de-thaw.

I don't want to be DEBBIE DOWNER, so I will quit complaining about winter running. We have had an exceptionally good winter. I am just a bigger baby then the average.

This week has been a VERY cold week. Including today, I have been in the gym 3 times with week. It might be 4. My brains not working and I left my running journal at work. REGARDLESS! I have gotten my money out of my membership!
From very early on in the week, the plan was to do my long run on the track with Lacey.

I picked her up at 12:30 and we headed to Genesys (GAC). We had 14 miles to run, that is over 57 times around the track. (UGH!!)
Andy was on the track and Austin was upstairs lifting when we arrived. Lacey was all dolled up in her peach Lululemon running skirt and Nike fitted tank. I had come from church so I looked like a Kardashian, well only the hair! I had a bouffant pony tail that I had wore from church and a face full of makeup because I didn't have time to wash it off.  
But I did have time to grab the necessities. Vaseline, for my lips, watch, Honey Stinger chews, water and GUM!

Distance:14 miles
Time: 2:08
Pace: 9:10m/m
Stretched, rolled, 125 sit-up/crunches with a 6lb ball and 3X planks on a medicine ball for 30seconds.
Lacey rocked the abs out right next to me.
10 minutes in the cold plunge. 5 minutes in Jacuzzi, shower, dry sauna and home. We were at Genesys for 31/2 hours! It was so fun.

We were not short on conversation. We took turns sharing our week. When one got tired the other one shared. And much to many of your surprise, I get tired of talking. It is a lot of energy. Especially when I had to keep telling Lacey to "SLOW DOWN". And not her mouth, her legs!

The girls that I work with drink Kombucha on a regular basis. I have tried them but have not found a flavor I like UNTIL NOW!
It was the Kevita brand. The flavor I LOVED was NOT the Grapefruit, it was the PINEAPPLE PEACH!
Master Brew Kombucha is certified organic, non-GMO, non-dairy and gluten free.
The darker the bottle the longer the fermenting process has occurred. It has less than 5% alcohol. It was still enough that I felt it going down. My back got all tingly and I said to the girls "AHH, does this have alcohol in it?!"  They girls were all laughing at me because I could feel the alcohol going down but I wasn't aware that the refreshing beverage contained a very small percentage of alcohol.
To have a little more fun with me, the girls actually put me on a group text the following morning making sure I was not "HUNG OVER" on my way to work. They all know I don't drink making their jokes more fun!
Benefits: contains probiotics, Probiotics are being recognized as a healthier option over multi vitamins.

Anyone Else drink Kombucha? What flavor do you like??

I went to Root for Dinner for Valentines Day, Saturday. Angie asked me to write a review. Tomorrow I will share my experience.

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  1. Hey Nita! I wanted to grudgingly thank you for the crunches challenge. I've been doing 100 most days of the week. I hate every second of it, but I'm already seeing a little definition and my posture is improving. Thanks!!!!