"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, February 8, 2016

Running with COOKIES.

Other than being beat up from yesterdays long run and being a Monday sluggard, my run started out pretty basic.
I just finished my morning devotion and felt very encouraged. Gods word was full of wisdom and left me ready to tackle the day. Not tackle like yesterdays Super Bowl game, that I fell asleep on,  more like a nice even keel. A progressive, steady foreword movement with a slight amount of whine.

After all it was MONDAY.
Psalms 143:10 "Teach me to do your will, For YOU are my God, let your good Spirit lead me on level ground."
This was my scripture verse today. How perfect.

I headed out of the house at noon, dead on. I had my hands full from the start. In one hand, I carried a baggie full of chocolate chip cookies for Lacey, in the other hand I carried my water bottle and my phone. I had my waist belt on carrying Dads phone, he left at my house. I decided to run errands on this run.
Lacey had reminded me to take it easy today, and my body was a burning reminder as well. I decided to just get that time on my feet, not look at my pace, and have fun.

  • 10 miles
  • Run to dads house a mile up the road to bring him his phone.
  • Run to Laceys house to share some calories with her, that's what good friends do, we share them then we burn them together!
  • Finish up running at Sorenson park, running 3-4 miles of trails.

Finding a perfectly preserved dead squirrel on the way past mom and dads towards Laceys.  I just stared at it. I was trying to figure out how I could run with it.

A couple weeks ago, I arrived at Maw maws house to clean. The house smelled like comfort food. It was only 9am but I could smell stew or something.
"MMM, Maw maw, whatcha making?" I said to Maw Maw, as I took off my shoes and headed to the kitchen.
Full of excitement, Maw Maw replies in her sweet southern accent, "LORDY Nita, Its SQUIRREL, MMM, why don'tcha have a bite."
About that same time, I lifted the lid on what was soaking in a thick brown gravy, with all these legs popping out.
"OH MY, MAMA, NO!" I cried
"NOW, NITA, you ought try you a bite, you'd like it, Aint you ever had squirrel, its real gooood, now getcha a bite."
I quickly closed the lid, smiled and said Jared, my cousin could have my serving. She had made her son, Greg and her grandson this favorite dish of theirs.
It wasn't long before Jared showed up. He stood 6ft tall, leaning against the stove, gnawing on the bones and licking his fingers!
47 squirrels they killed. 4 of them were in that skillet. "Nita, now if ya see any squirrel, let me know, Greg is hunting them."

And that's how my twisted mind works. I saw that squirrel and thought I would have some fun!

I gave Lacey her cookies and she gave me a plastic bag. Not before trying to talk me out of my squirrel scheme, I told her she should be grateful I wasn't playing the joke on her!

I found the poor thing lying against E. Holly rd. I started laughing as I attempted to pick him up by the tail and drop him into the brown Krogers plastic bag. I just could hardly wait for my prank.

I headed towards mom and dads house hoping a car would be outside the garage. This little guy was heavier than he looked, my arm was actually getting sore from carrying it. I began thinking "WHAT IF he is just KNOCKED OUT?" He was in such perfect shape. Then I thought "Oh my gosh, would I get bit? no he was pretty stiff." "What is someone stops me and asks why I am carrying a squirrel?"
I just started laughing.
I had to get a picture of the squirrel before my grand plan. I knew Jama would love it. She has a sick sense of humor like me. Last summer, she pretended to kiss a dead squirrel, it was hilarious. George, "and I will kiss it and hug him and love him." SICK, I know, but so funny!

I saw dads red Ranger outside the house. I hid in the blind spot of their house as I removed the bag and placed him spread out across the windshield of the truck.
I could hardly run away from the scene because I was laughing so hard. The harder I laughed, the more I started to pee my pants.
I imagined them finding it and started cracking up.

I think I laughed for 2 miles.
Then my body wasn't  laughing anymore. As pretty as the trails were at Sorenson, and as funny as my prank was, my legs were in a very SERIOUS mood!

It may have been the LONGEST ten mile run in my life! I definitely achieved "TIME ON MY FEET!"
My watch said I was gone for 2 hours!

I take my running serious most of the time. But running is also about the adventure for me.
I'm a little bit sick (mental).
When I sent Andy the pick he replies "Dude. WASH YOUR HANDS."
That had me laughing, not likely I was going to find a wash tub and some antibacterial soap!

Distance:10 miles
Time: 2 hours running clock time, running time: 1:42:23

Distance: 15 miles

I have slacked with my abs the last 3 days. Looking like a need to do 200 today to catch up.....
Mom called, then sent this to me after they "Discovered" the squirrel. Apparently, dad saw it first and whispered to mom "LINDA, shhh,come here." He thought the squirrel had JUMPED from his roof to his truck where is broke his neck and died. He quietly coaxed mom to check it out....


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  1. OMG this is HILARIOUS. I cannot believe you ran with a dead squirrel. So awesome!