"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, February 25, 2016

If it works,WORK IT!

Over a month ago I gave everyone a  AB Challenge". Hal Koerner does at least 100 crunches EVERY DAY. His book has been my training tool for my ultra training.
Much to my surprise people actually read my blog and even doubly surprising, even apply some of it.

Danielle, Lacey and Michelle B all have been doing the Ab Challenge. I was so pleased to get a comment from Michelle B. that she "HAS ABS!".
You know the saying. "If it works, WORK IT!

That snow storm came in like a LION! It put me in the gym for the last 2 days.
My kids have had snow days for the last couple days. But I actually have always loved having them home with me.
I took Alec to GAC with me this morning.
While I was on the TM, Alec was balling.

Getting Creative on TREADMILL.
The Treadmill has so many options to get a workout in. YES, it can be boring, especially for someone like me who is A.D.D.
That's WHY You GOTTA SWITCH it up.
GOAL: 9 miles, sweat, hurt, struggle and feel accomplished. I wanted to do both Speed and Hills.
1mile warm-up @ 8:34min/m.
Next 4 Miles: I continued to maintain pace. Each mile, I did a 200m Fartlek at about 80%. It was a progressive interval finishing at a sub 7. I kept the incline up @ 1% the entire 5 miles. I took about 1 minute after each interval to recover. Right BEFORE each intervals I brought my pace down to a fast walk for about 30-45 second to prepare for my Fartlek. The idea of this is to get my legs used to the turn over. To increase my strength, endurance and pain threshold.
Middle 3 Miles: INCLINE! I kept my incline at a minimum of 4.0. I did different intervals both increasing the pace, increasing the incline and increasing both.
Last Mile: Was a hodge podge of intervals of both speed, hills and recovery.

I really struggle picking a spot and just focusing on that for 9 miles. I am all over the place. As soon as someone walks by me I am distracted to see who it is, not like I know them. I try to refocus staring at the wall tiles in the back, but that only lasts until the next person walks in front of me. Or gets on the TM next to me.
I was really motivated by the guy on the TM in front of me. I could see his digits on his TM. And yes, I was trying to keep up with him. I even pretended we were racing and tried to punch in my pace just a little faster. I beat him, he finished his distance before I was finished, leaving me vacant for another distraction.
I always try to find someone who is putting the work in. Someone who is red faced and sweaty. This reminds me that "There is ALWAYS someone out there who is working harder than you."

Speaking of someone who is working hard. As I was leaving, I saw Kathy M. She is a coach I believe for Flushing. She is an incredible running with a big gorgeous smile. She was hitting the track for a Tempo Run. And let me tell you, she is about 10 years older than me and puts me to SHAME! She works full time as a teacher qualifies every year for Boston!
That's Inspiration!

A LITTLE Of This and THAT:
This picture does NOT do this bruise any justice. ANDY Towel snapped me and broke the blood vessel! Then mom got so excited at Austins Basketball game when he score she punched me! I was so embarrassed of my legs today!

  • Keep Jeff in your prayers, he was in the hospital this week, diverticulitis.
  • Cross Country is starting and I am head coach this year. I have been buckling down on my reading material the last few weeks. This will be my 7th year coaching but 1st year as Head Coach. I pray I do a good job. I learned a lot from Kay, and really enjoyed working with her when she was Head Coach. I even begged her to come back but she is coaching at another school.
  • I got some new Running tights from Fabuletics. BRIGHT RED/PINK! But I probably wont get much wear out of them. This Sunday, it is supposed to be 50'! This year I am going BRIGHT. Less black and more COLOR in my running wardrobe! ORANGE is the HOT color this season! I did purchase a Orange tank also. Its super simple but I like it!

After a tough 9 mile run, I am grateful I took the time to ICE. I didn't take a shower at the gym because Alec was waiting for me. I was smelly and exhausted as I drew a bath. I woke up in the tub to Andy calling. "HEY, I am taking the rest of the afternoon off for some fun with the family."  Barely awake I heard enough that he was planning on taking us all sledding.
I was trying to process the thought and be happy about the plan. I was just so sore and tired.
BUT my body recovered. And it was a lot of fun. I think we were the oldest adults going up and down the hill. This made me smile, I was so thankful for childlike heart to play with my kids and also the body that can still do it.
Never give up the opportunity to be a kid! Its just as fun as an adult!


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