"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, January 28, 2016

January Favorites

January is a painstaking month. It is cold, dreary, and long. To help me get through the January blues I do what most woman do, I shop. Today I went into Target for just side dish bowls and walked out over 100$ later. Pier One, I went to "LOOK", 35$ later, I had a gift card! When I got home I had a box from Honey Stinger on my porch. More GOODIES!

Gift giving is one of my love languages, so often times I am buying something for someone else too. Today was no exeption, I have lots of sweethearts I have goodies for this Valentines Day.

I am posting some of my January Favorites that are getting me through this tumultuous month.

  1. My HONEYSTINGER LOOT. I am an ambassador for Honey Stinger. Their products are my favorite, they are GF and or Organic.
  2. Packing for Florida, I discovered this little gem for my toiletry bag. Neutrogena Body oil. This time of year my skin tends be dryer. I haven't used oil on my skin since I was a teen when I  lubed my body in Baby Oil and baked in the sun. I LOVE THIS. It is lighter and the sesame formula smell is subtle yet very feminine. My skin is so soft, makes me sad I am covering it all back up again.
  3. Before we moved, I had 2 Merrell Down and Dirty neck gaiters. They have not been located. Yesterday, I went out to Dunhams and purchased the Purple "BULA" brand one. I wanted it to run with Danielle this morning. Then afternoon my Honey Stinger gaiter came in the mail. SO lets see how long I have these before they disappear. I love these for running in cold temps. They actually do multiple things.
  4. Due to increase crunches and sit ups my poor skin on my tail bone continues to get abused. I purchased a Medicine ball. As soon as it was blown up, all the boys started to play on it. Boys and balls, they never grow out of them, no pun intended!
    No more butt scabs!
  5. PLAYLIST: "Roses" (Feat.ROZES) The CHAINSMOKERS/ Twenty one Pilots "Stressed out" 
  6. Favorite snack, Nosa Blueberry yogurt with homemade granola.

Distance: 8 miles
Pace: 9.00
Danielle texted me before I left the house "I am not feeling 100% today, you ok running with a slow poke."
Danielle picked a hilly route. I mentioned I needed to be training hills, Well we did today! We gutted it out. We only stopped once, and it wasn't near a hill.

Any one sore from doing their crunches/situps? I'm about to put myself in the hurt locker, 6 pack challenge. I'm going to go make out with my new Medicine ball!

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