"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, August 31, 2015

New Miles, New Smiles

"In an Ultra you should eat like a horse, drink like a fish, and run like a turtle."
I have a good friend who is honest and forthright with me. Qualities I LOVE. After reading my post yesterday she sent this question to me today.

"Why are you running an Ultra? Don't assume you know why I am asking. But, ask yourself deep down, why?"
I had a busy morning and afternoon. I had plenty of time to think about it and eventually respond.

I woke up at 5:30am to run 16 miles with Mary Ann. The temps were perfect, I  just needed my attitude to be in the same alignment.
We ran for about 45 minutes in the dark. It was exhilarating. It was also our slowest miles! The branches cracked, the bushes whispered and the dew made you feel like you were in an Alfred Hitchcock film. Every so often you would hear a crow release a creepy noise that made you want to run faster and look behind you.
It was hard to tell if I was struggling, Mary Ann and I were working hard at solving the worlds problems and inhaling a lot of air.

My miles were not where they should have been the last couple days. Sunday 18 and today 16. I should have been in the 20 digits. I am not fretting too much about it. I whined enough yesterday, today is a new day.

Every second I was inside myself, the question ruminated in my mind. I had some obvious answers and I had some questions for myself.
When I had some free time to respond my fingers flowed with words to her question.
"You know like days in the week, some runs are better than others. Most of my runs are fulfilling and enjoyable. The people I run with are a big love for me. Even when I twisted my ankle and stubbed my toes the outcome is usually positive. But..its so mental. Last week I had a lot of emotions, my body was sore, my heart was broken from our sudden loss, and my mind began to turn. I wasn't sleeping, I stepped back from running and just that quick, voices began turning like a bad record.
I had a couple snotty comments made tongue and cheek last week in regards to my running and that didn't help.
Haters hate.
But today was a new day. Temps were down, my frown was upside down and I decided I needed to get a good attitude. I didn't like the old one!
I finished 16 miles today with Mary Ann. We ran slower, did walk breaks and even walked the hills. Yes, I felt the accumulation of back to back runs, but it was the way I was supposed to feel. I like the ultra running because of days like today. I can stop and take a picture, I can walk, I can enjoy the turkeys crossing the road, I am not just running, I am soaking up the adventure in it."
We chatted a bit more, she encouraged me and reminded me to "forget the rest of the worlds opinion."
I was reminded today how grateful I am for the friends I am encircled around. They are truly like family to me. My running friends are such a blessing to me. You see when running an Ultra you are running a lot more miles, that means you get to run ALOT more with them!
Andy and I went to the funeral today of my good friend Lisa's mother in law. Andy grew up with so many of the people that attended. From teachers, to pastors, to students, it was like a reunion.
We sat back in the overflow room. I could barely walk. I left the comfort of my Hokas only to squeeze my blistered toes in 3 inch heels.
As we sat down this slender man about our age, bent down and spoke to us. As he whispered I strained my ear to hear. "...I run Ironmans...I follow you on Facebook and read your blog....I have always wanted to run Western states...Don't quit writing it inspires ...." Billy Hampton, Andy said his name was.
I was shocked that I could inspire a Triathlete. Or my writing, I always wonder who reads my writing with a multitude of errors.
We are in a society we don't give compliments or edify very much. But Billy went out of his way to edify me. It was so sweet.
Granted Andy made fun of me all day. But I can handle Andy.
Less than 2 WEEKS!! Woodstock 50m is fast approaching. I am gonna try and get a 30 miler in on Wednesday. Prayers Welcomed!

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  1. You know, I don't think anyone's asked me that question (why do I run ultras) that I didn't give a tongue-in-cheek answer. You may have inspired me to spend some time to think it through.

    We inspire one another. And that's not a bad place to start. :) Good luck on your 30 this wednesday!