"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, August 9, 2015

When you Run out of Juice.

The big question before starting my 5 hour run WASN'T if I was going to finish. NO, it was to see if my Garmin would hold charge.

At mile 5, I felt confident that I was going to finish. It might take me all night but what was the hurry?

I was on my way to Rachel's house. She was going to refill my water and run part of my journey with me.
I loved the idea that I had something to break up my run. I would be running 8 miles solo by the time that I arrived at her house.

Due to the heat I was half naked. I was grateful for the slight breeze and cloud cover. It was not enough to prevent me from sweating and smelling.
I was embarrassed by my appearance when I arrived at Rachel's house. Her husband was outside mowing the lawn and her kids were hanging out in the front yard. I was dripping in sweat and barely clothed.
Rachel was ready to roll. I noticed that she had a Camelback on. Camelbacks were our topic of conversation at breakfast after church.
"Rachel, could I try and run a few miles carrying your Camelback?" I wanted to see if it was something that I could run with.

Almost 4 miles into our run I had to pee. I was trying to be conscious about drinking water. If I felt like peeing this was a GOOD thing.
We found an abandoned house, NO I didn't go in, I did however water their landscape. Rachel pointed out that I was starting to chafe front the Camelback. I gave it a valiant effort. Removing the weight from my frame made me feel foot loose and fancy.

We saw a couple runners out there. We both agreed you would have to be pretty serious to be running in the high heat. Coach Ejack from Holly High was running by Addis Rd. As I smiled and said "HI" to him I noticed a vary familiar car coming in my direction. It was MINE!
It was ANDY! He used "FIND my PHONE" on our Iphones and brought me out water. COLD water and ICE!
I noticed a "Brooks" running shoe box sitting on the front seat. "Hmm" I thought.
I dropped Rachel off back home at my mile 18. Her mile 10.

I headed just up the road to the Veterans Cemetery to meet LACEY! Lacey came out on her bike. I laughed so much with her I had to hold myself. She got me so tickled I choked. I think I was just so hot and tired I couldn't swallow. I choked on my water with Rachel too.

Jeesh, my sweat collected the dust from the dirt roads. My skin was all gritty and nasty. I smelled like butt. The sprinklers were on at the cemetery. "Lacey, I think I am going to run through them. And just after I said that, they turned OFF! But another zone turned on and we quickly headed there before it too turned off.
The sun was beating on us. I felt like a vampire. The sun just sucked the life right out of me. I noticed a little wave from a red jeep coming by us, it was my sweet friend Paula. A smile is so pleasant. I looked like vomit and smelled like it too, however, had enough energy to smile and wave back.
BEEP BEEP.. We both turned around at this lunatic honking at us. I saw this hand fist pumping in the air and knew it was my family. "Those Crazy Harless's." I giggled to Lacey. They came my way to bring us more to drink and check on us. I gotta say, Andy got major brownie points, especially after I had JUST told Lacey how Andy hasn't been real supportive. I was CHOKING on my words!
I was so overcome with love.

A few miles later, I received a text from ALEC. "Lacey, Lacey, You gotta see this!"

Those Running shoes...He DID it, SO proud of the Hubby!

It was hard to believe that I was at almost 26 miles. It was my best training run yet for my Ultra training. The support and motivation fueled me. The encouragement filled my tank. Between my running partner, biking partner and messages, it really made running easy. Easier.

With a half a mile left, my Garmin died. Lacey and I walked the last quarter mile back to her van. I saw that familiar red Jeep heading our way. It was PAULA! She found us and brought me cold water and crushed ice. I was so emotional. I grabbed my phone to get a picture of her. She not only looked good she SMELLED good too!
My phone died too.
I was exhausted, I hoped Paula knew how much it meant to me.

Lacey drove me home. I was holding the tears back. There are so many people that loved on me today. I chomped on Paula's ice and with each crunch I was feeling refreshed. It was the thoughtfulness of others.
We have all gotten so busy that we hardly have time for others. I mean, It's just Anita running again, no big deal.
IT WAS A BIG deal. 28 miles, over 5 hours and I don't think I would have finished it the same without the LOVE.
This week it is MY goal to PLAY it forward. To be someones smile, someones encouragement, someones partner.

Like Fritz said on my FB "One step at a time! The tough runs are the best, even though they feel the worst when your doing them."
Its one step at a time.
Prayer. Faith. Believe. Gratitude
28 Miles!



  1. Replies
    1. CARRI! helloo sister.I bet it sure is hot out there.Are you getting any miles in?

  2. Great job!!!! Next thing we all know, you're going to run Badwater :D

    1. That sounds horrible right now Michelle! Andy said today that my running was going to be the death of me. I replied " sounds like a great way to go!"