"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, August 16, 2015

30 miles of thoughts, ideas and issues

After stretching,rolling, icing, Epson salt bath, trying to nap, praying, eating, hydrating and walking I feel pretty good to run another 16 miles tomorrow. I think.
My brain is still a little sore from hanging out with myself so long.

I thought it would be fun to go through a  few thoughts I had run through my mind over 30 miles.
Its crazy the things you think about. Lacey and I laughed at how crazy our thoughts are and how we converse back and forth with them, like a third party, or a split personality, or two. sometimes I think there is a party of personalities in my head. Its like a debate club, or a insane asylum even better.
Ken added 5 miles, walk breaks and easy does it.

  1. Dear God.....
  2. "Lets get this show on the road, I have over 5 hours of running."
  3. "Its 6AM, why is it so stinking hot, this is not a good sign, think positive, think positive."
  4. "Where are we at? Don't look at your watch, just run."
  5. "DEER! There is another Deer! AWE! OH and another!"
  6. "Should I walk the hills, Nah, get over it, just take it slow."
  7. "UGH,Maybe I shouldn't have ate that last night.."
  8. "Nasty, is that a sweat stash? Yep, great"
  9. "Andys Garmin rocks, Hmm, I wonder is he would notice if it came up missing?"
  10. "Slow down sister, you have a long way to go."
  11. "WALK, there's a HILL, I am walking that beast."
  12. "My foots hurting, and my knee, or is that my quad, or maybe my quad and my knee!"
  13. "Crap, I am running out of water, I gotta pee, Mcdonalds, just sneak in, they wont notice."
  14. "YUP, that's FOR SURE my FOOT, these shoes have got to GO."
  15. "Say goodbye to your running partner, turn up the music and suck it up."
  16. "I hope my water I stashed melted, OH YEAH, ice cold water. Thank YOU Lord."
  17. "Heading home with my jacked up foot and sweatfest body. I have soaked through everything."
  18. "Andys HOME! YEAH! He hasn't left for church yet. Andy looked frightened when I started him, do I look that bad?"
  19. "6 minutes, I only lost 6 minutes changing shoes and eating the peanut butter roll up Andy made me. AWE, he Loves me." Smiling
  20. I hope no one sees me half naked from church, especially because I am playing hookie. Anita, you never play hookie, its Ok, Is it OK? I am sure it'll just give people something to talk about, Like 'There's Anita, with her Idol worship of running, putting her running before God.' Oh well, God knows my heart and thoughts."  I thought about this too long.
  21. "Where is Lacey? I am running pretty good, my ailments went away and I feel pretty good."
  22. Phone ringing. "Its MEGAN, She LOVES me, she is checking on me. AWE! Love tank is full again."
  23. "Its so hot, I think I am withering away, Where is Lacey? She should be here any minute."
  24. "BEEP BEEP! ITS LACEY! I want to run into her arms but I smelled so BAD." I chose to pee behind her van, she brought me toilet paper! I was cracking up!
  25. "Lacey, its so HOT." She came with a cooler with ice and cold cloths. And ice water and a banana. Seriously, this girl is the best, so thoughtful.
  26. It was Aunt Lois's birthday, I told Lacey, I was trying to think of her in that last few miles of total SUCK. She is a Cancer survivor. Inspiration.
  27. "I'm falling apart, total sun, another hill, Im walking, I don't care, I may never run again."
  28. "2 miles, I cant feel my legs, legit, they are numb, but my whole body hurts, how is that possible?"
  29. "Last Mile." Lacey was coaxing me to keep going, The last quarter mile I saw the end. "Go ANITA, come on, pick it up and turn it over."
  30. "DONE, Thank YOU LORD, thank YOU for giving me this victory."
I ran the first 15 with Ken. He was running like a beast. I had to keep asking him to bring it down. We finished a little after 8am. I had some encouraging messages. Andy was incredible making me food and he even found me on Fish Lake road and brought me water.  He has really been awesome the last few weeks supporting me. I take back everything I have ever said!
Andy brought me home my favorite salad from Paneras.
The smile for Lacey.

Now, I am anxious to see how my body does for another 16 miles tomorrow. Prayers!


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