"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, August 17, 2015

From Strength to Strength

As I read my devotional, then opened my bible, the word STRENGTH kept appearing.
6AM Buckhorn Lk Rd.

Today, I didn't feel very strong. I ran 30 miles yesterday and walked another 2 miles with mom last night.  My training schedule had me running another 16 miles today. When you are training for an ultra, the training has you running back to back long runs. It is brutal. However, I got a message from Jama to see if I would like to join her and Mary Ann for their long run.
At least I didn't have to run it alone!

I didn't sleep real good, not too bad but not good. I was anxious to get out of bed at 5:15am to meet the girls at 6am.
I had all my stuff laid out.
My body was a little confused when I laced up my shoes. I rolled and stretched only to discover my legs were not too forgiving.

Jama and Mary Ann picked the route. It was as awful as it was magnificent.
AWEFUL: Infested with blood sucking, flesh eating black flies. I killed 12 that I counted. SMACK, GRAB, ROLL, FLICK!
And the HILLS, NEVER ending, it was like we just kept revisiting them. SO many ruthless, painstaking, quad burning hills.
MAGNIFICENT: GODS Masterpiece. The landscape was designed to perfection. Greenery everywhere, Swamps and ponds on both sides sprinkled with wild flowers in purple, yellow and white.  Weeping willows looming over the roads with pussy willows and tall grasses everywhere. The sun came up over the trees and it was breath taking. The sky was painted in bright pink and purples.

With only 3 miles on my Garmin I questioned how I was going to finish the next 13 miles. I felt so weak. I trailed behind Jama and Maryann. I wondered if they would notice if I disappeared and went back home.

As we ran, the beauty of Gods workmanship was like a canopy covering us. We were in the shadows of the trees. We were protected from the suns brilliance. We could see her power yet we were able to escape her fiery rays.

There was STRENGTH in the thought of knowing God was taking care of me. Protecting me.

PSALM 84:5 "How blessed is the man whose Strength is in You.."
PSALM 84:7 "They go from STRENGTH to STRENGTH.."
Mary ANN and Jama jumped in...I was a tad more cautious


At the ending miles of our run we noticed another crazy runner on the opposite side of the street. I recognized her, it was Jennifer. I just met her a couple weeks ago. She joined us. The more miles we incurred the hotter it was getting. We hit the local lake at mile 15 and jumped in. It was so refreshing. Running that last mile back wasn't too bad. Even though we were wet, it didn't feel too terrible. After all, I had a lot more complaints. Like every muscle in my body was complaining, individually.
Best part of Michigan, there is a lake almost anywhere you can jump into on a 17 mile run!

The Last Mile, my body revolted against me. My sugar dropped, I got dizzy and I started dry heaving, I was so embarrassed. The girls stayed by me and we walked the last mile in. We actually over calculated our 16 miler into 17.
Jama, Jennifer, Mary Ann and I...If you can tell me WHO the GUY is with the dog, I will SEND you a CARE PACKAGE!

My last verse from my reading today really wrapped everything together for me.

Psalm 84:11 "For the Lord God is a Sun and a Shield: The Lords gives grace and glory: No good thing does he withhold form those who walk uprightly."
Sun and Shield, Today it was HOT. It was full sun this morning when we ran. But God no only provided provisions he also provided protection. I am reminded today that he gives me STRENGTH to STRENGTH and takes care of me every mile I go.



  1. Strength? Lord God Anita - go back and read this post. I cannot imagine anyone stronger than you!

    1. Stephen, Yeah I guess its funny what you are capable of doing compared to how you feel doing it. I mean even though I didn't die, I sure felt like it! lol