"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, August 3, 2015

Motivation for my Monday

My foot is killing me. 26.2 miles for a Monday. Not too shabby. But it was a killer. Just getting out of bed was a challenge. I got up late, stiff and whiny.
My body was already compromised from a 10 mile trail run Sunday. In three days I ran 42 miles. That is a lot for this pipsqueak.

I had to chuckle as I ran solo. I was running a marathon as part of my training for my ultra and I was all alone. No spectators, no partners, nobody even knew I was running 26.2 miles. No cowbells, no signs, no water stations, just alone with myself. That was the scariest part.

Early on in my run my phone chimed. It was Andy. "Thinking about you. Praying."
My heart was all gooey. Just those few words encouraged me and comforted me.

How do you get through over 4 hours of running without calling for a ride, falling apart or going coo coo for Cocoa Puffs?
  1. Break your run up, by time, by distance or both, even landmarks
  2. Don't make it so serious 
  3. Create your own mini moments. I take pictures.
I had plenty to complain about. Don't we all.
  • The rain left it humid and muggy
  • The back roads were a mudfest
  • The black flies were feasting on me.
  • My body already felt like it went through a meat grinder
  • I was alone, left to the  monsters in my head.
Now, Here is how I got through:
  1. Prayers, Asking God to give me strength and perseverance.
  2. Seeing God in the beauty that encircled me.
  3. Taking the time to snap pictures and enjoy the adventure.
  4. Walk breaks and adequate water and nutrition.
  1. I ran to my gym, 11 miles away.I filled my water and saw PAULA. Paula unknowingly motivated me with her big smile. She was outside walking the track. She had a hip replacement and was getting it done! "Hey Girl, Getting that 50 miler in?!"
    MILE 11, ERIN would LOVE this!
  2. At mile 14, it was getting hot. Rather than look at how far I had come, I looked at how far I had to go. This is a bad idea, it is defeating. With the sun baking my sweaty skin I heard my phone ring. I pulled it out and saw it was LACEY! I had to take the call. It was so great to hear her voice. I probably walked half a mile before realizing I could put my ear buds in my phone to talk and run! Lacey was my running partner for about 2 miles. Hearing from her motivated mean extra couple miles beyond our conversation.
    Mile 14, Chatting with Lacey and entertaining cows!
  3. I hit a wall about mile 19. The whole wall fell on me! I made a post on FB asking for prayer.Within minutes I was getting text messages! I had inspirational messages from a lady I barely knew. And they kept coming. Just amazing.
    MILE 18: MICHIGAN Barns, LOVE!
  4. But it was Lacey that brought me in those last couple miles. Lacey hasn't been able to run for weeks. In all my pain, fatique, bug bites, aching foot I KNEW Lacey would take all of it to RUN! So I ran those last miles for her.
  5. Thankful for those who encouraged me, Tina, Martha,Terri, and Michelle E. AND MAGGIE!
The Corn made a really good secret restroom! Potty break!

QUESTION! Ultra Runners, What is your milage for running an Ultra?



  1. All depends; I have a friend who successfully completed a 100 miler maxing out at 50 miles per week.When I did my 50 miler, I think I topped out at 60.

    I can honestly say, though, that you're doing more work than I am, and I'm training for the 100K... :)

    1. BTW- nice work on getting the miles in! Wish our schedules worked to get some time in on trails

    2. Seriously Fritz? I secretly and really happy to hear this...I was concerned. So what days are you doing long runs?

    3. Thanks Fritz..We gotta plan something in the next few weeks! Do you work throughout the week?? What do your Sundays look like?

  2. You're amazing Nita!!! I actually did a trail run last week and might have to rethink my hatred of trails that I formed after ONE race. Perhaps I'll do Woodstock one of these years lol you know me and the races and the shiny bling :p

    1. You know Michelle...Its not to late to sign up!!! It would be so fun..they have every distance to run....How am I doing?? convincing yet???

    2. Not this year. All my eggs are in the chicago pr basket. Perhaps some year in the future if I don't win the lottery :)