"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fear keeps you just comfortable.

Injury gives place to FEAR.
Fear keeps you in a safe place, a comfortable pace.

With the Woodstock Ultra just a few weeks away I would say that I have done very good at getting my long runs in.

Even though I have ran another ultra the only plan I use is the same one I use for everything.
The "I needa Anita run"

I was asked today "How do you feel about your training?"
It made me think.
Well, I am sore, tired and crabby, therefore I think I am right on track.

But I replied also " I think I am where I want to be, I just want to make sure WHERE I WANT to be is WHERE I SHOULD BE!"

So I am going to try something a bit different on my next long run. I am going to try and run 15 miles with no walking.
Last week, when I ran my back to back long run I had an average pace of 10:45. Then my 14 miler that proceeded the 28 miler I tried to maintain a 9m/m with no walking. And I did.

But speed work, none for over 12 weeks! I have been afraid that I would hurt myself, get injured or have a crappy run.
With NO runs under a sub 8 minute pace I thought I might try to pick it up a little bit. Thursdays I have running club with the kids at 8:30am. We run between 5-6 miles. But I get up at 6am to try to get some extra miles in solo.

I had a full plate of SUCK and no coffee to wash it down. I was trying to run 5 miles with an average pace of sub 8.
I thought I was going to DIE at mile 2. Every 3 or 4 minutes I tried to think of another plan to get out of hurting to bad. My body was in absolute SHOCK. I have trained so long for endurance not speed that I had forgot how bad it felt.
Mile 1 9:14
Mile 2 7:44
Mile 3 7:21
Mile 4 7:23
Mile 5 7:23
Average 7:49
As I approached mile 4, I continued to think of an exit plan. My home stretch is up hill. I knew it was going to hurt worse that even running 28 miles.
The pain circulated from my lungs to my legs. My abs were even hurting. I thought I might slip on the loose gravel and fall on my face. I tried to break it down into minutes. Like you would do it you were in a spin class. The instructor barks "UP UP turn up your gears, 4 minutes,UP!"
Anita barks "DEEP BREATH, UP UP, come on, 4 minutes, up!"

As I finished my 5 miler, I thought for sure I was going to PUKE. My legs were shaking, my stomach was hurting and I was STOKED. I did it. As much as it hurt, it was worth it.

We can add to todays gut wrenching, lung sucking run another 5 miles of recovery with the running club. I  enjoyed the trails with the kids laughing at a much slower pace.


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