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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Review of Athleta Running Vest

The Letter U
My One Hit Wonder, Hungerford Ultra 50 miler. My Greatest Victory. I have never pushed my body to those limits. I ran on adrenaline, I ran on faith, I ran in 80 degrees beating sun, I ran with my boys, I ran supported by my family, mom and dad and I ran scared. I have never ran where you had to stop to eat, drink and pray. I have never felt that much pain and pleasure all wrapped together.
Time is the only factor that has prevented me from running another. I absolutely LOVE the Ultra. It didn't hurt that I placed so high on my first "Run" at it either.
"Training is the opposite of Hoping." Nike
Sunday Long Runday
Lacey and I were checking all week trying to plan for our long run. We switched our run from Thursday to Sunday due to the frigid temperature.
Danielle rocked her long run out Thursday on the TM.
It was 19 degrees out but the sun was softening the blow of the coldness.
I am at the frustrated stage of these cold temps. I have said it before and I will say it again. I truly believe that everyone is deceived on what Hell is going to feel like. I think it is going to feel like below freezing temps. The cold that is so cold it BURNS. That is my idea of HELL.
However, I will not know, I am HEAVEN BOUND, I think it will be perfect running weather every day in Heaven!
I picked up Lacey. We drove to the local middle school to park and run. Lacey pulls out this funky looking blue fanny pack thing. "Ok, I got this for $7 dollars at Walmart, I'm just gonna try it.."
I just stared at it. She had 4 packs of chews, water and her phone in there. It could have fit my water and my smallest kid in it.
When we got out to start running I was laughing so hard at that backpack bobbing on her bottom.
She turned around "Ok, stop it, I know I know."  she laughed along with me.
At mile 2, Lacey chuckles, "Hey, I think I am getting used to this."
Before mile 3, Lacey didn't take much convincing to ditch it in the park at 7 Lakes.
I thought the park roads would be more cleared off then they were.  
About mile 5, I couldn't deny it any longer. "Lacey, I gotta pee."
She was relieved because she had to go too.
I was leading her to a outhouse about 2 miles away.
Before we arrived, my foot hit a hole and it was too late. I lost half my bladder.
Laughing, we stood outside the outhouse. I looked at her to take the lead. I always get creeped out by the goofy stories of men or snakes in the bottom of the toilet thingy.
Lacey peeped in and quickly came out.
"Lacey, I am good, I will just pee in the snow."
With our head back in the game, we headed towards the beginning of the park.
My  knee was getting irritated by the icy roads. "Come on knees, just a little more." I whispered to myself multiple times.
Another long run under the belt. We would have liked to go faster but it was a slip and slide out there.
13 weeks until Bayshore Marathon.
Danielle and I are both doing Rock CF Half Marathon on March 29th. This is a first for me.
They have a great website. If anyone has ran this race I would love to hear your pros and cons.
Athleta Running VEST: Jammin Run Vest/Lime/xxs = 31.99 
More than Half OFF
Great Fit. Light weight and I love the bright colors.
They also have free shipping on more than 50$
Kinda Dorky, I am doing this for Melissa, I think she would look great in it!

I purchased this water bottle from Gone for a Run and it was easier to carry then it was too look at. I Also purchased this Dress from there, It is the Solstice Cowl Dress in Sapphire. It is more fitted than I would normally buy. It too was more than 50% off. I wore it to church today. My new favorite dress. It is like a jersey material. Check it out.

Guess who is taking their fanny pack bootie pack back to Walmart!
I am still laughing over that one.
Have A great Night, Love to hear some Reviews on Rock CF.



  1. I had a great time at Rock CF last year: flat, fast course, great organization, perfect weather. I hope you have a great time! BTW- why not hit Indian Springs or Kensington for long runs? Metroparks usually do a good job of cleaning the path...

    1. We Hit Stoney Creek 2 weeks ago. I prefer Metroparks too. I am hoping this Thursday we can hit one of those 2 up.
      We did Kensington a few weeks ago but it was soo Icy. I have the best luck at Indian Spring. I am training with 2 other gals, and one comes from Howell. Hoping to get some group runs again on the trails if my body stays healthy, You will have to orchestrate that one!

  2. Too funny about the fanny pack. I like the little one you recommended. I can't think of the name right now though.

    Ran at Lower Huron Metro Park yesterday, very disappointed in the quality of the walking path. It had been plowed a few weeks ago, but was covered in 1" of ice and 1" of snow on top of that. Wound up running in the street on the way back.

    Ran CF last year for the first time. My only complain was waiting 10 minutes to take a bus from the airport parking to the start line. Otherwise it was great - flat course, great organization, yummy goodies at the finish. Not much crowd support, but you'll entertain yourself and everyone around you :)

    1. Did you stay the night out there? If so, What would you recommend? It is supposed to be a girls night out with my girlfriend and I but she has not planned anything yet. It ended up being her anniversary weekend too. OOPS.. So I am afraid to push the all nighter thing.
      Are you running Rock CF this year?
      Where is Lower Huron Metro park? This sounds fun.

      Amphipod is the one I LOVE. I have just about wore the Mesh out of this!

    2. Rock CF is about 9 miles from me, so I get to luxuriate at home the night before :) Yes, doing it again. It's my target race to break 2 hours.

      Lower Huron is off 275 south of 94. It's the smallest of the three near there (Willow and Oakwoods). It's not great - 5 miles end to end, so it's always an out and back.

    3. Yeah, it would be a pretty big drive for a not great metro park.

      So where would you recommend staying?? within a 15 minute drive?

    4. Unfortunately I don't know any specific places to stay - no occasion for a hotel so close to home. Trenton is the closest city. Woodhaven, Flat Rock, Gibraltar all nearby. Wyandotte isn't too far.

  3. Thanks for sharing the Athleta purchases I've been wondering what you bought since you mentioned it! Very cute! Way to go on your outside long runs in these not so desirable temps, you guys rock!!!

    1. MELISSA!!! I took those goofy pictures just for you. That vest is soo awesome. it was originally 79$
      These long runs suck the little bit of sanity I have out of me!
      I love that I have been running with Lacey. I feel like I really need to be training with her, I al the one who talked her into this Marathon thing again. I am not sure she has forgiven me yet.
      You need to run Pot O Gold with her!! I am thinking I should be up there too.
      I haven't registered yet, I keep going back and forth!