"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

No Laughing Matter

The Letter "S"
Three Parks that all start with "S"! Seriously!
Seven Lake State Park
Sorenson Park

Stoney Creek
I was so excited to get my run on this afternoon.
I was a big girl last night and made my own playlist for my iPod. We got a new laptop a couple weeks ago, I lost all my music. I didn't grieve to much, because it needed a lot of repair. I still had the purchased music, I just had to create my playlist.
It was like a new running outfit, I could hardly wait to play with it.
I walked out of the locker room with my shoulders swinging and my legs bouncing to my new music. I couldn't get started with my run fast enough.
I hate peeing. It interrupts everything.
I paused my excitement as I entered the bathroom.
I should have paused my playlist.
"Oh, CRAP!" I heard my iPod SPLASH in the toilet water. I was hoovering about 8 inches above the toilet, trying to fish my iPod out of the toilet water.
Sorry for the visual.
Peeing seems so unnatural and unladylike no matter who you are.
If I ran as fast as I snagged my music out of the toilet I would be a ROCKSTAR!
I peed down my leg, I had a hand full of wet something and I couldn't stop laughing at myself.
I pushed buttons on my urine drenched iPod and was relieved to discover everything was working fine.
Everything was surely working fine...My shorts from the hoovering were saturated.
Thank God, I had printed shorts on,noone could tell I just peed all over myself!
These smiles only carried me about 2 miles on the TM. I had my running magazine in front of me on the TM and even that only held my interest for about 3 more miles.
It was a moderate 7 miler. I was at 5 miles. I looked around and saw Jenn. I thought Jenn saw me as I waved at her...She had no clue I was there.
Slightly embarrassed, I pretended like I was stretching.
My attention was directed at the lady next to me on the TM. She was full out laughing. "I want to laugh again." I whined in my head.
My body was still recovering from Mondays repeats. This Podunk 7 miler was beating me up.
This last 2 miles was NO LAUGHING MATTER.
This was serious stuff.
I hit the speed button.
"You better get this 7 miles in before 1 hour." I looked at my watch and increased my speed more.  
I used to run this all day long in 55 minutes. I HATE coming off an injury. And I hate getting older.
I hit the speed button again.
UGH.. Nothing was hurting, so RUN.
58 minutes. DONE.sweat dripping, red faced but ALL in.
Competing against my history is tough. I am my biggest competitor. I am chasing my times more than my distance these days.
No regrets. One foot in front of the next and make sure I hang onto my iPod!
  • I have been listening to the dialogue in my head. It is CRAZY in there, You don't want to enter ALONE. God is Good.
  • I had a package delivered today, from ATHLETA. Check in tomorrow, I have it hidden (From Andy)!! He got home early today, I didn't get to break open the goodies and try em' all on!
"I Run Because Comletely EXHAUSTING myself is the most RELAXING part of the day."

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