"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"P" The Power of PRAYER

The Letter "P"

Mark 9:29  And he said to them, “This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer."

I pray over the little things and I pray over the big things. Overall, I think most of the stuff I pray for are probably a nuisance to God. I mean the world is flipped dipped and tripped and there is little Old Nita "Dear God, please strengthen my body, control my mind and carry me the rest of my miles."
Even the BIG things that I come to God with are all whacked out on, the things I think are going to be the death of me, I sometimes feel like God is laughing at me. "Come on NITA, give me something with substance.." It feels so heavy to me. But just a nuisance to Him.
Today, I had a great day. Very busy, however; everything was falling into place. Then I was blindsided by a issue that tore me up. I am sure most people would probably roll their eyes at it. I couldn't even breath. My heart was ripped out and I was basically counseled to just get over it.
"Things will never change."
"I don't know what to tell you."
I was devastated, crushed, I still am. I know that Life is not FAIR, but sometimes it seems like life isn't fair for those of us who are supposed to just turn the other cheek. We are supposed to just allow people to behave poorly, allow people to hurt us, allow people to walk over us and then make a million excuses for them and Get Over it.
PRAY HARDER NITA.. Seriously GOD, I haven't quit.
Praying isn't like a sprint, it is seriously like a ultra marathon in Death Valley.
There are situations I can not change, I just beg God to work on cleaning out the clutter in me.
I hear the Good and Evil battling in my mind. It was 10 times easier to run on sore legs and a stiff back today, then fight off the evil that was manifesting in my mind. I would run till I passed out, puked, or turned candy apple red before having to deal with heartache and the burdens I was bearing, and still am.
Had I known what my afternoon would have shown, I would have waiting to run.
Distance: 6 Miles
Description: The Perfect progressive run.
Followed up by stretching, rolling, abs, arms and icing.
 Prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a scourge for Satan. ~ John Bunyan

Muscles are most receptive to rebuilding glycogen (stored glucose) stores within the first 30 minutes after exercise. After a long, you should eat soon after, you can minimize muscle stiffness and soreness. Hydration is very important.
 A good rule of thumb for post-run food is a ratio of 1 gram of protein to 3 grams of carbs. Power bars are a quick and easy go to. I like a smoothie made with fruit, yogurt and my protein powder. This is both hydrating and refreshing. And about all my belly can handle.

What are Your "P" WORDS??

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