"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, January 19, 2015

Who Are You Pacing off??

E is for Essentials and Example,
Essentials: These are the things that make my run go smoother: Lip balm, gum, watch and Ipod
Example: "Be Ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ." 1Cor 11:1

Walking into the athletic club is humbling. I feel so miniscule in comparison to all the beauty and beasts that troll the equipment and facilities. Insecurity keeps me coming back for more oddly enough.  It reminds me that I am secure in HIM and He has blessed me.
Knowing that my body is just a breath away from injury is always a humbling visit as well. I head directly upstairs to roll and stretch.
As I head towards the double glass doors to the track and upstairs to the smaller gym, a woman catches my eye. She is about my age, my build and moving briskly to the track. Without skipping a beat, she sets her feet on the track, hits her watch and bolts. "WOW, she didn't roll, stretch or even say a prayer!" I found myself slightly envious. "She just took off!"
Turning green with envy, I headed upstairs pouty to do my pre-run ritual.
Coming unto the track I can see her. Her dark hair is short and spikey. I have seen her at the gym before. I try to catch her eye and shoot her a smile but fail, she flies past me. "Well, I don't think I am going to catch up to that." I thought as I set my water bottle and phone in the cubbies. I lines up with the clock, hit the start button on my watch and did my own take off.
My first mile was going to be a warm up, except before I even made it one lap around she flies past me.
"SERIOUSLY?" I felt like someone had just pulled my plug before I even had a chance to light up. Then to add injury to insult she turned her head back towards me.
"Oh NO, I am going to ride this one in if it kill me." I picked my pace up.
I stayed about 150 meters behind her. I hung out in her shadows. Every couple minutes, she would turn around to find me. I wanted to wave but my body wanted to die, I was lucky to just breath. "FOCUS Anita" My pace was nothing I wasn't capable of, I had to remind my body this wasn't its first rodeo. Arguing with fatigue, I never took my eyes off her. And she knew it. She would slow down, turn around, see me, then speed back up. Sassy little thing.
Her pace was altering like my breathing. The gap was closing between us as I came to mile three. I was trying to figure out if I should pass her. I could tell she was struggling. He posture was changing and her left hip was dragging. "No Anita, stay right where your at." She moved over to the walk lane and quit directly across from the 3 mile marker.

I was running a 7:45 pace. I wanted to run 7 miles, yet I hadn't even made it to 3 miles. My lungs were burning, but my body felt good.  Here lies the challenge. Do I continue at this pace or do I slow down?? I felt good now but I wasn't even HALF way through my run. What if I fail, hurt myself or puke and die?

Check the RUNDOWN to see how I finished.

Tips on Pacing off others:
  1. Run your own Race: Be careful not to get too competitive and end up injured.
  2. Have a Plan BEFORE you pace off others and stick close to it.  
  3. If someone helped you run better, stronger, or faster take a minute and let them know. Most likely they knew you were pacing off them anyhow. You could end up with a new running partner!
  4. When pacing off others try and concentrate on your form. If you see them slouching remind yourself to run strong and upright. By watching others' form you can hold your running form accountable.  
  5. Try not to be a nuisance. If you think you are annoying the person in front of you then be courteous and back off a few feet. No one wants to hear heavy breathing in their ears unless it is their own. And most of us don't like to even hear our own breathing!

Full Circle:
Pacing off others outside of running is equally as important. Unless you have "Arrived" most of us are always striving to be a better person.
I have my eyes on several people that I Pace Off:
  1. With Finances: My Girlfirend Lisa. She did the Dave Ramsey course and I really respect how well she and her husband manage their money.
  2.  Godly Woman: My Girlfriend Kimberly P.  She  is soft spoken and yet a sweet firecracker. She lives life with honesty. She is not afraid to proclaim Christ and lives to honor HIM in ALL she says and does. This takes great courage in todays world. She is not Wishy Washy in her walk. I have watched her grow so much the last few years. I love pacing off her.
  3.  Encourager and Motivator: Jeff B. He doesn't know it but he is like a secret coach to me. He is always offering me great advice and running tips. He is honest and encouraging.
  4. Hard worker and disciplined: Danielle, my running partner. She is like clock work when it comes to getting up every morning and doing her work out routine. She works hard at all she does and maintains a very good attitude. Danielle balances me when I get to excited about issues.
  5. Support and Love. Hands down Andy's mom and dad. They actually are so supportive and loving it is almost to a fault. I am reminded daily how much they support not just Andy and I but many others. They give love unconditionally. They would rather show you love and get hurt by the choices they don't agree with then not give love and feel like they shut the door on you. They are trying to work on this. They are just the most loving people I know.
There are many many others that I Pace Off of in Life. People that do not know that I am watching them and taking notes.
  • Sometimes we have to back off when we can see that we are no longer running with the same agenda.
  •  Sometimes they are moving at hyperspeeds that we are just capable of.
  • Sometimes they are moving slower that we thought and we have to move past them.

I followed through with my 7 miles. I told  myself on that last mile that I should do a cool down, only after the second lap at slower pace I changed my mind and decided to finish strong.
I ran the first mile as a warm up, the following 6 miles I stayed within seconds of 7:45! 4
of my miles I hit 7:45!

Overall, we have to keep in mind they we need to RUN our OWN RACE. God set others around us to build and grow from. To edify and encourage one another along the way.

Remember too that most likely some one is Pacing Off of YOU.  Be the best You "you" can be.


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