"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Letter "H"

HOKA'S, Hungerford. Heaven, Hebrews. Harless, Half
My one and only Ultra!
Heavens Dr.


Hebrews: Run the RACE!

Just a few of the pics to go with the words.

I will announce the winner tomorrow, but if you are reading this you already KNOW!

Thursday, Danielle reminded me our Marathon training started this weekend. It was the reminder that lovingly hits you in the teeth.
To bring in the training, I decided a 10 miler would be my official KICK OFF. I had been building a base the last couple weeks. I have been more consistent my running.
Around and around and around the track I went.
At the 5 mile mark, I was already looking for a trap door to sneak out of the 10 mile goal.
"Well, just slow down."
"Add walk breaks."
"Switch it up, go to the treadmill."
As the 7 mile marker approached, I started praying.
"Please God, give me that supernatural stamina, Keep me strong mentally and physically."
I knew it was a mental game, however,  my body was feeling the physical suck of it all.
It takes everything you have and everything you don't have, to move in a direction that is challenging. I have not ran 10 miles since last NOVEMBER.
I began to question myself. I found myself listening the Doubt and Fear more than Faith and Hope.
I wouldn't have set a GOAL that I knew was unachievable. I made it to mile 8 and thought, I could quit right now.
I even thought "When you get to 8 miles, bring it WAY down and even walk it in."
Except 8 miles passed and so did the defeating thoughts.
It was like God himself said "You GOT this, Yes, it is going to hurt, but You Got this." His voice was so loud and proud in my head.
I didn't even slow down. I just had to hold on another 17 minutes. I prayed more.
The air was cold in the gym. My legs were numb. My knees were getting heavy, but I could quit. As long as I was breathing, I was running.
The more I wanted to quit, the more I wanted to succeed.
Distance: 10.20 miles
Time: 1:23
3.10.06 (extra lap!)
Average Pace: 8:15 and It already feels like I have a toenail ready to fall off!!
A small reminder that marathon training is starting for BAYSHORE Marathon. If anyone is running this, we are training together. If anyone is training for a SPRING Marathon, we are training together. We will all embrace the slap in the face together!
Who is Running a Spring Marathon?? Which ONE?

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