"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Moms Turn!

I have needed new shoes for a while. But then it seems like everyone in my house have needed new shoes. We all run, then there are also basketball shoes, and play shoes and just shoes like stupid. Even though I have boys they LOVE shoes. Austin is very meticulous about his shoes, keeping them organized, neat and leaving room for another pair in his closet.

I went to Complete runner hoping they would have the Mizuno Sayonara. This was the shoe they recommended in this months Runners World. I have never ran in Mizuno's. But the last 2 pair of Brooks have given me blisters start to finish. So we shall see!

Why I chose the Mizuno:
  • recommended for over 32 miles a week.
  • neutral running shoe
  • light weight, 8.5 oz
The real popular shoe for Ultra runners is called Hoka. I let the guy come around and bring me a pair. I had just ran with someone who was talking about this shoe. It looks like one of the goofiest shoes ever. I tried the shoe on and it was amazing. My kids were with me and having a great time laughing at me. They look like moon shoes and feel like it also.
Why didn't I buy it????
I could not justify 170$$ for running shoes when I was taking the boys back to school shopping. "Sorry boys, you can't get binders and notebooks cause mom got new running shoes!"

Every one left shopping with a couple bags. I actually had a 20$ rewards card to Finish Line and I USED IT! We buy so many shoes there that we get money back quite often and usually I give it to the boys...NOT THIS TIME!  Guilt Free!
Shirt and socks were FREE! Needed a Med. size water bottle...little splurge!

Monday was my stupid long run.
"Even if you stumble You are still moving forward."
Mondays RUNDOWN:
Distance: 28.2
Time: 4:51
This was so hard. And it hurt. And I was so thankful Andy showed up on his bike to keep me company for an hour of the ALMOST 5 hours!!!
And it was sooo LONG...
But I finished!!YA Who Bubaloo!..couldn't walk all day without whining but I FINISHED!

Wednesdays RUNDOWN:
Distance: 8 miles
Everyone bailed on this run but Ken H. It was super soupy out. 100% humidity seemed to have scared everyone off only it didn't scare the deer or deer flys off. We saw a 3 deer the side of the trail hardly startled by us. We came within 5 feet of the larger one and she let us run right past her.
I killed 8 deer flies trying to attach to me. As soon as I commented how the bugs were not out they came a running and biting!

Are there any Ultra runners that read this?? If so what shoes do you recommend??


  1. The shoes that fit your feet the best, and have the right amount of cushion and support. It'll be different for everyone, and it takes a while to figure it out. On the other hand, if you're on technical trails, the trail shoes are better. If you bombing down the mountains out west, then Hoka's are a great choice. Otherwise, they're *way* too much shoe for me...

  2. I tried the Hokas at the store and loved them as well. I have an incredibly hard foot to fit - and so far the only shoe that has worked for me has been the original Skechers GoRun in Extra Wide width. But, the Skechers are hard on my feet for runs over 10 miles, and the Hokas felt heavenly! However, the $175 was ridiculous - especially when I still have 4 unworn pairs of GoRuns that I have been hoarding (I bought them all on clearance for less than $40 a pair!)
    So, for now the Hokas are a no-go. But maybe in a couple of years...