"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Going the Distance.

Monday was supposed to be my long run. I run back to back long runs to get me acclimated to sore legs and fatigue. It sounds awful but it really isn't too bad. I asked for prayer on Sunday and I was wondering what people must have prayed when I woke up.
I woke up to thunder and showers. I grieved for my run and within minutes went through every stage of Mary Kubler Ross's grieving process:
  1. Denial: I thought maybe it wasn't really raining that hard.
  2. Anger: I was Angry that my day was all turned upside down.
  3. Bargaining: I looked at the radar and tried to negotiate a better time to run
  4. Depression: I had bouts of depression scattered through out my day kinda like the rain!
  5. Acceptance: Grieve and Get Over It. I just had to let it go and know I was going to be fine.
I didn't even run a MILE! However, I was running like a chicken with her head cut off all day long. When me feet hit the ground I was going full speed until 10pm. I was so exhausted I thought I would fall right to sleep. But I found myself counting sleep each time I looked at the clock. It was after 1am and I begging God for closure. I knew my mind was full and I even tried to convince myself that I was giving it all over. Finally I walked downstairs looking for something to help me sleep. I found a bottle of Motrin pm with 2 pills at the bottom. I can not say they worked right away but the last time I read the clock it was not yet 2am.

So Today was my Make-up Run! Tuesday was a hot mess, or maybe I was the hot mess on Tuesday, regardless I was looking forward to this run.
THE PLAN was to run for time, 4hours and to be out of the house by 7:30am.
That was the ONLY plan that I had. I thought I would run loops back home so I left the house empty handed. 4 miles into my run I decided to run to Dixie Hwy. 6 miles into my run I decided to run to Moms doing a loop and heading back home. 8 miles into my run I changed my mind and decided to run to Andy's Maw Maws house on Holcomb and Davisburg rd. 11 miles to her house and the curtains were closed. Maw Maw was robbed a few weeks ago so I didn't want to startle her and knock on the door. I was seriously about to pee my pants but decided to head to moms and look for a place in the woods on the way.
By the time I had gotten to 15 miles I knew I needed to get to moms soon. I was parched and starting to feel a little shaky.
I opened the garage door and mom was in her robe with eyes as big as saucers! I startled her! I went right for the fridge sucking down a half opened can of  "MT Don't" and a half a bottle of water! I NEVER drink Mt. Dew but it went down so easy!
After a little over 5 minutes and my watch still ticking I headed out the door and back towards home.
At mile 21 my battery on my Garmin 10 read LOW. This newer Garmin is great except that it only has a 4 hour battery life.
I still had battery when I turned down my street. My watch read:
Distance: 24.25

As I sit here in bed I am Thanking God for safety, endurance, stamina and PRAYERS. I feel amazing. I haven't taken any Mortin. I felt so good out there today. I wanted to run faster, harder and with less walk breaks. But I held off. It is so hard doing what you do not want to do. And so easy doing what you shouldn't! 
I am trying to train smart. Even Monday I wanted to run and thought "a little rain won't hurt ya." But It could. The temperatures have been less than desirable and many people have been getting sick.
I have worked so so hard in my training to screw up now. Running to fast and running in 50 degrees with  rain showers are 2 things for me that do not seem like good running strategies. I have never ran an ultra before so I do not claim to be an expert. But maybe that is why I am taking extra precautions.

I love any advice and appreciate tips on running this crazy distance. Nothing goes void that has been shared with me. Thank You .
What is the LONGEST TIME You have ran????


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