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Monday, August 20, 2012

Running Lingo and thier Meanings.

"Endorphins: Runners' drug of choice"

It was intended to be an easy recovery run. Take it easy, breath and just relax through 5 miles. I am not sure if a song made my pulse kick into gear or a thought did the trick. All I know was I was running just fine, feeling a little sore from yesterdays run when something put a little fire in my pants. Next thing I knew I was resting in between Fartleks. I was tackling the hills with power and relaxing on the way down. I was sprinting in between signs and catching my breath to the trees. I had made a game of it. Almost like a game of tag. Run:Rest:Run.

I thought I would share some Running Jargon with you. These are the definitions according to RUNNERS WORLD BIG BOOK OF MARATHON AND HALF MARATHON TRAINING.
  1. BANDIT: Someone who is participating in the race unofficially, without having registered or paid for an entry fee.
  2. FARTLEK: Speed Play, or "Fartlek" in Swedish (the concept originated in Sweden) is a speedwork format in which you run faster for however long or short you want.
  3. OVERPRONATION: Excessive inward roll of the foot, which can cause pain in the foot, shin and knee.
  4. RICE: Refers to REST, ICE, COMPRESSION and ELEVATION. These measures can relieve pain, reduce swelling, and protect damaged tissues all of which speed healing. They're most effective when done immediately following an injury. RICE is the standard prescription for many aches and pains, such as strained hamstrings and twisted ankles.

  "A bachelor is a guy who never made the same mistake once." P.D.
Phyllis Diller died this morning. My favorite cartoon in the whole wide world is and has always been Scooby Doo. And my favorite episodes where the ones she and Soupy Sales and other comedians would star in. I miss those old cartoons. They have remade Scooby Doo and it is full of romance drama and just not the same.
"Burt Reynolds once asked me out. I was in his room." P.D

Do you have a memory or a favorite Phyliss Diller thought you would like to share? I would love to hear if so. Please share it with me.

Distance: 5.04
Pace: 8:31
Time: 43 min.

 "I found my happy pace."


  1. Great blog and awesome topic about the RICE method!

    Something we subscribe to heartily!

    1. Thanks Hyperice!.funny you have RICE in your name!