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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crim 10 miler 2012

I was on and ready at 5:45 this morning. I marched down stairs with a little grin as I felt the excitement waking me up. It was the CRIM!!  I was stoked.

Every part of me felt energized. It was a great morning, even my cup of coffee was perfect, it was going to be a good race day.

Team Harless pulled out of the driveway at 6:30am. The boys, mom and dad  were all ready to go and cheer us on.

Even Andy was in good spirits considering his disabilities. He  has been terribly injured for weeks now. His last run was 10 days ago and he had to walk the last mile home.
His work schedule has prevented him from going to the DRS.
He was running come hell or high water. I was so concerned but I know that place where you just say "Yes Dear." And this was it.

At a high of 88 degrees today I ran in my sports bra. It was going to be a hot one and there was no other option for me. I hate running hot.
After praying together Andy and I entered into our corral.
It was packed like sardines. People were already sweating. NASTY. I have a huge issue with sweat touching me. It totally freaks me out. As we squeezed in we had to move through hundreds of people to get to "B" corral. Andy left me at the "C" corral. I kept moving.  As I gently made my way though the labyrinth of people I realized I was leading 3 other people towards the front.

So Funny!
"Lori" It was not only her birthday it was also the day her son was coming home from over seas!! She had lots to smile about!
We arrived just minutes before the "A" corral departed. I hardly had time to even get nervous. My goal was under 80 minutes. Last year I ran the Crim having a PR and running 72 minutes. I really wanted to run a pace of 7:30.  I really hoped I could do it. Especially because I was running in a team and they were counting on my time.

2 minutes after the "A" corral moved out we were now invited to follow. You could hardly move. Because I am so short all I could see was the person right in front of me. It was very congested and tight but I saw the starting mats. With my finger on my "START" button I was ready to activate my Garmin.

Not sure what they are looking at?!
"BEEP" my Garmin signaled and I was off.  But not getting to far. "Come ON"!! Ugh. My legs wanted to move, my feet were coming out of their shoes and my heart was pounding out of my chest.  I just wanted to RUN and I could barely move.

The course was overcrowded, overfilled and overflowing with runners. And the mob scene stayed like that for over 4 miles.
I was just feeling my groove when the hills appeared. I just sucked it up and tackled them head on. The first one was a breeze, but by the 4th consecutive hill I was bottoming out. "Just make it to the top" I told myself. And when I arrived at the top I had to convince myself to BREATH, catch my breath, relax, settle in and BREATH.

"Paula" and I.
The water stations were incredible. I passed up the Beer stations, the Coffee stations and even the Donut stations, but I tried to hit almost every water station and sprinkler station. They had water almost every half a mile. The CRIM did super job keeping us hydrated.

My belly was getting a little queasy about mile 6. My Chomps were not digesting too good and the water was sloshing noisily in my belly. But other than that I was feeling great. I always have my favorite part of the race between 6 and 8 miles. My body feels swift and light.  I feel like I get "ACTIVATED" right here.
The Famous Flint Cheetah Runner!
But it doesn't usually last more than a couple miles.

The best way to keep me energized is to keep me animated. The more I high fives, encouraging words and smiles I give the faster I get.
I made it a point to cheer on every CRIM runner who had a 30 Year or more shirt on. I was stimulated by there dedication to the CRIM over all these year. These runners were a encouragement to me.

And just like that we were coming unto mile 9. I was almost there. I saw the runners in costumes, with handicaps, rainbow colored wigs, and the runner that was every shape and size.

I prayed for Andy and Paula who were both hurting. I prayed for them to have strength, stamina, healing and perseverance.

But now I was coming down the that last curve. The "Bricks" were in site and so was the finish line. The crowds were lined up on both sides and the sun was beating down on my bare skin. "Stay Strong, Anita."
Just like I told the guy at the beginning of mile 9  "Keep your head up and dig deep, you are almost there, finish strong." You need to keep your head up to conquer yourself and see your prize!

"GOO MOMMY Go" , "RUN NITA!" I look to my left a couple hundred feet from the finish and see "TEAM HARLESS". There was mom and dad and the boys. I waved at them with delight as I proceeded to cross the finish line.

I quickly hit "STOP" on my Garmin and saw that I had finished in 1hour 15 minutes. I had made my goal. 

But concern for Andy quickly replaced that victorious feeling.
I was given ice cold napkins to my surprise by "Raegen" and "Ken", two good friends of ours. I was delighted to see them but quickly grabbed some hellos and headed out to "Team Harless".

Hopping fences and scurrying through the crowds I made my way to my family. We feverishly waited for Andy. His time came and went and now we started thinking he may have DNF'ed.
And then I hear dad "There he is!!"
There Andy was. Running. Not  limping or even crawling. He was up on 2 feet running. He looked taxed, he was open mouthed, sweating and very flat.
I then ran back again to meet him, jumping over fences and hurdling over people. By the time I reached him he was sitting on the ground by our friends with the wet napkins.

Strength: mental power,force, or vigor.
ANDY may not be the fastest running or the strongest runner out there but he is HANDS DOWN the strongest runner I know. I was watched that man cross finish lines with man tears coming down his cheeks. When most would have never ran and when the rest would have at the very least not finished he fought all of hell to finish and finish with his feet moving. 

The highlight of the run was seeing some of my favorite people. 
"Ken K" one of the fastest runners I know. His great attitude is energizing and magnetic. 
Andy saw a co-worker from Hurley, Maureen with a bright smile, a constant Boston qualifier. 

But the funniest "RUN IN'S" at the CRIM was when I finished. 
"Anita?" I turned around and this guy was speaking to to me. I did not recognize him. "Anita, From Daily Mile?" I looked stunned and thought do I know this guy? "Yes" I responded. It was "Fritz" from Daily Mile. I was cracking up. And as I laughed with him for probably only a minute I hear "ANITA?" again. I look up and it is another guy I do not recognize. "Yes" I laugh still giggling. "Scott, from Daily Mile". OH, My goodness. HOW WEIRD. My name was on my bib but what are the odds. OH but wait...yup I hear it YET a 3rd time just a minute later, "Anita?" ..Now my head was spinning as we were all in a circle. It was "REBECCA" From Daily Mile!!! I wanted so bad to stick around and "Race Talk" but had to find Andy. What are the ODDS? I tell you there is always something out of the ORDINARY that happens to me at my races!!

"Paula" Ran a hard race with a calf injury.
Happy Birthday "Lori" and great Job on your 1st CRIM
"Clint Verran" came in 14th!!..My PT Guy.
"Ken K" Rocked out a PR and a SUB 70 minute 10 miler!
"Maureen" Jammed out a SUB 80 minute 10 miler
"Heidi" my running partner had the greatest smile after finishing her 10 miler.
"Fritz", "Scott", and "Rebecca" who finished with me and I finally got to meet!
"Dave" and "Karen" who ran the 8K and are Race Junkies.
"Jeff" our team Captiain for "Holly Road Runners"
And all those that I may be missing causing I am pooped out!

TIME:75:26  minutes
PLACE: 16th place in my division
So Thankful for loving and supportive parents who are always there to cheer us on!

Finished off my day having to Go back to work!
Dinner at Red Robin.
Low Fat Vanilla Latte at Starbucks for Dessert
And a double match game of KAN JAM with the boys
Gotta go to bed because we are doing it all over again at the;

 "If you wanna catch me, you got to be fast...if you wanna stay with me, you got to be good...if you wanna pass me...You've got to be kidding."

Thought that was cute.

Anyone out there have a CRIM experience they wanna share? I wanna read!

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