"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A little of this and that.

I have worked at the same salon for 16 years. I have had the same schedule for close to that time as well. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. These are usually my days off from running. I give so much credit to those runners out there that run after working all day. Andy is one of those people. Andy had 68 hours clocked this week. I do not know how he has the energy to run.
I am behind my miles so I really wanted to get a couple extra miles in today after work.
 I asked the boys to go biking with me for half an hour to put some miles on the pavement. Austin was game but Alec was whining a about it.
I promised them 3 miles.
We just ran around the neighborhood. It was more than enough for me today. My legs felt heavy and tired. I ran at an easy conversational pace. I chatted with Austin about the boys that spent the night and about him and his afternoon adventure with Hungry Howies. Austin call Hungry Howies and with his money, while I was at work he ordered a pizza and had it delivered. I was cracking up. I thought he was yanking my chain. But Alec piped in "I told him not to do it mom." Typical of Alec my little scaredy cat.
I thought it was hilarious. Austin thought he had reached a pivotal point in puberty! Especially because he even thought to tip them!

I love being a mom. It is the hardest job and it is the most humbling job. But every once in a while you get these little nuggets of pure joy that trumps all the tears and heartache.
Austin actually had his first major disappointment. He tried out for Soccer and did not make the team, he got cut. Austin knows nothing about Soccer. But he has been working out all summer and studying utube videos. The coach told Austin " You have such passion and heart but you have no experience."  This was tough for a mom to hear. You can teach most kids the game but you can't teach someone how to have Passion and Heart.
I believe it was a good experience for Austin. He handled it very good. It was a good mommy moment to watch him react to the let down.

Tomorrow I am going to try and ramp up my miles. Gonna try and do 15 miles slow and steady probably even incorporating walk breaks in there to prevent myself from getting injured. My knee was hurting a bit today so I pray it is better tomorrow.


Favorite people this week:
Ryan P..Funnest person to tease!
Amanda S..Great forgiver and going to be a beautiful Bride
Andy..My hunny. So thankful for his hard work and dedication to his family.



  1. great post. sorry to austin. there must have been some mega good players trying out for him to get cut. seems like he could play anything. i played soccer for YEARS. how bout you work with me on my running skills and i will work with Austin on soccer...=) courtney

    1. Thanks Courtney, I would love to help you with your running skills. Anytime. You just let me know!

  2. Sorry for Austin, he still doing cross country?? The soccer team doesn't know what they are missing!! He is so funny, with the pizza delivery too!! They must be growing like weeds! We need to get up there I know!! Love ya!!!

    1. Thanks Leeanne. Austin is growing up so fast. He grew 3 inches in 10 weeks! It is so weird to look up to him!! Miss you and love you lots!