"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, July 22, 2012

You know your a runner when:

"I want to run until I can't run no more." Bill Rodgers

I can not believe it..I ran 49 miles.  Where did that come from?? I was logging my run today with Andy and 49 miles came up in the right hand corner of DAILYMILE. My eyes popped. I wasn't trying, I didn't even pay attention to my miles this week. WOW! That is the Love of Running. 
This is what 2 miles looks like..Now heading to Indian Springs for another 9!

  • You know Your a Runner WHEN:
  • You Run in 90 degree heat to get your "Long Run" in...(Andy)
  • You get a massage but it is not for pleasure.
  • You have a "Running Playlist" on your Ipod.
  • You use "Easy Run" and 5 miles in the same sentence.
  • You give up Running for Lent.
  • You are green with envy as you pass runners in the car and you are stuck driving.
  • You correct people that a marathon really is 26.2 miles
  • Your running clothes out number your work clothes
  • You ask for race registrations for birthdays and Christmas
  • You have more race jewelry than costume jewelry 
Hiding water on our 9 mile run!

BACK HOME and a Little Personal:
This weeks Obstacle:
My little love of my life, Austin. He turns thirteen this coming week. Can I just say raising preteens is not for the weak. He is so much like me. We bump heads so bad. He is a firecracker. So between the two of us we can really get the sparks rolling. When it is good it is very very good but when it is bad it is painful. I always pray for God to "Take this stoney heart and give me a Heart of Flesh." because i get so hard and tough skinned. Today He did. I tried to control my temper. And I did but let the water works flow. Rather than yelling I cried.
As a mother I am so burdened for my boys. I pray over that boy, both my boys. As parents you:as many of you know you fight all of hell for your children. You want them to be good, loving, respectful and so many other upstanding characteristic traits. And then you have these moments...You look at your kids and think "I am failing" or "What am I doing wrong". 
You get back in the ring and go "One More Round".

This is HUMBLING..This is a 11 mile run and 90 degrees
After run, water, and now heading home!!

Tomorrow is a new day. For both of us. A day to recover, reflect and redo. As for today, It was a hurtful day, a tough day, but God is not finished with either one of us yet. 



  1. * You're on a first name basis with Hal Higdon and everyone in your life knows who you mean.
    * You plan Christmas dinner late enough so you can run in the daylight.
    * You regularly step in the shower fully clothed after running on hot days.
    * You go through copious amounts of Vaseline to prevent chafing.
    * You buy running shoes 6 pairs at a time when the price is good.
    * You mend your SmartWool socks because they're too expensive to replace because of a little hole.
    * You've said no to dates because it would interfere with scheduled long runs.
    * You complain about not being able to get enough calories before a long run.

    1. MICHELLE: These are great!! I think I am going to have to post yours!!! So true, this made me laugh as I could relate to so many!! We are a unique bunch!