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Friday, July 27, 2012

Preparing For Warrrior Dash: Obstacles

Muddy, stinky, hot and sweaty obstacle run...The Warrior Dash. 
I was signed up to run it last year with Austin and I won a trip to California the same weekend. Andy took my place and they had the best time...with out me.
Austins shirt "Like FATHER" : Andy's Shirt "Like SON"

There was no way I was missing out this year!! For Christmas the registrations made the perfect gift and I received  the biggest smiles!!

Austin and I have purchased our Green Tutus and Andy is "Odd man Out"...He was a party pooper and refused the brightly colored tulle!

This Years Obstacles:
  • Barricade Breakdown: Series of platforms intertwined with mini barb wired fences that runners must go over and under.
  •  Capsize Catamaran: Shallow body of water where they will need to climb over a series of floating docks.
  • Chaotic Crossover:Runners climb onto a platform of netting work their way across, about 10 feet to the other side.
  • Hard Rain: Runners enter a shallow water pit...(Mud) with water pouring from pipes.
  • Mud Mound: Runners enter to a mud trench leading to a wall, climb the wall and trudge through the mud pit on the other side.
  • Road Rage: Runners stomp over a series of tires and junkyard cars.
  • Great Warrior Rage: A 12 foot wall where ropes are "expected" to help aid in the climb.
  • Mortimer's Crossing: Runners will manage their way across a wobbly rope course.
  • Trenches: ...Trenches Duh!
  • Storming Normandy: Runners do a belly crawl through the mud, over rocky and rough terrain with barbed wire and cargo nets hanging from above.
  • Cargo Climb: 20 foot A-frame structure covered in netting that runners must scale up and down before the final sprint to the finish.
  • Warrior Roast: A path of flaming logs that runners must hurdle.
  • Muddy Mayhem: The Final mud bath requiring runners to crawl through a shallow pit of mud and under strings of more barbed wire before reaching the finish line!
This Info came from the Flint Journal~
A Little Extra Info!
  1. The Warrior Dash is a 3.2 mile course. 
  2. The Weather expected for Sunday is 80 degrees mostly sunny
  3. Location :E. A. Cummings Center
    6130 E. Mt. Morris Road
    Mt. Morris, MI 48458 
  4. Bring 20$$ for Parking!!
  5. Awards for Best Warrior Beard and most ridiculous Costume!
  6. Donate your old sneakers tied by their laces to the GreenSneakers tent at the race.
  7. The Warrior Dash Is TIMED. 
  8. This event last for 2 days and is SOLD OUT!
"Required: A Great Warrior Attitude."



  1. Good luck Anita! We are fortunate to have another great race in the Flint area.

    1. I Am such a big supporter of our Flint RUNS!! Love them all! Thanks You.