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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Whats your Plan?? Being prepared

These boys came together for the FIFE camp..all going to elementary school together yet different JH schools. Reunited!!BTW..They all stayed the night too!!

My oldest son turns 13 this month. We signed him up for his first basketball camp. FIFE camp. He has wanted to do this camp for a couple years and this year it worked out that we could send him. We have kept it from him for weeks. Sunday we snuck out and bought him these Jordan Basketball shorts that he wanted and placed them on the couch with a note. The note read  "Austin here are some shorts to wear for your first day at FIFE CAMP Monday!!!! Have Fun, we love you, Dad and Mom~"
I wish I had videoed his response. He was jumping and screaming and shaking with excitement.
But boy did that put a curve ball in my running plan on Monday. No 6am running for me. I had to get Austin to camp at 7:35..It didn't start till 8am but he likes to be early!
By the time I got back home it was 8 am and 82 degrees out. I had to plead with Alec to ride his bike while I ran. At that point I was even trying to convince myself to go running! The air was soupy and my skin didn't take any time at all to get clammy and sweaty. I felt like I was running in a swamp the air was so thick. The first couple miles I was chatting with Alec but that took too much effort as we were being challenged by hills and humidity at mile 3. He was such a good partner. Alec would ask ME how I was doing and offered me sips of water.  Such a sweet soul. I tried to remain positive but this was not fun. I was trying to find gratitude and realized "Hey there are no bugs." Now that is something to be thankful for on our leg through Seven Lakes Park.

When you run in this heat you have to question your quality of work out.
Are you just getting miles in with 100% effort and yet the results are less than extraordinary??
That is what can happen when it gets to over 90 degrees. You spend so much time trying to catch your breath, take a drink or find yourself walking and wonder "Why and I doing this."
I was glad I got 5 miles in with Alec but they were just junk miles.

I decided I was going to go for a second run..A recovery run at the gym.
Andy got home early and together we were gong to partner up on the treadmills doing REPEATS. 
I felt redeemed as I punched in 8.8 a pace that invigorated me.
We did 6 -800 meter repeats.
The sweat was dripping off my brows and chin yet my skin was chilled from the AC. I would look at Andy and wink at him as I increased my pace. Then he would do the same to his treadmill. We challenged ourselves, each other and the treadmill!

Running in the heat is great to challenge yourself and learn what kind of endurance and stamina you have.
But running in the heat can also be dangerous.
There is a certain point you have to ask yourself:
"Could I get a better work out at the gym?"
"Could I be more productive inside or outside?"

We have had a heat spell. It is good to know your elements and getting acclimated to the heat is important for racing. But too many runs in over 90 degrees and humidity may not be helping you increase your speed or distance. You are not getting that quality run a lot of times and it takes your body often times a lot longer to recover from the draining temperatures.

I am running with "Sarah" after work today at Clintonville park where Andy has a baseball game. I am a bit concerned because it should be 98 degrees. This is my off day from running so I am not putting too much effort into it. I am going into the run with No Expectations, No Strict Plan and allowing myself to be Bendable, Adjustable and Willing to Change if the heat becomes over whelming.

Run Smart...But Run...Make no excuses. If you are training do not cheat your training making the heat your exit plan...GET UP EARLIER!!
The weather is not a surprise so PREPARE for it!
 ~If you have a plan you are more likely to follow through with it.
~Set your clothes out. This to helps you stick to the plan.
~You are worth it. so make it happen!!

Has everyone been safe in the heat?
What tips do you have for running in the Heat??? Whats Your PLAN?


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