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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Runnin With Bill. Angels Place Race

I have been cutting "Bill" and his families hair for years now. They are a beautiful family. The first time I cut his hair his wife "Rose" gave me a picture of Kevin Costner and said she wanted "Bills" hair to look like his! We all laugh to this day about that! My husband of course would bring in a picture of Eva Mendes!!
"Bill" has been running for a few years so this year he decided he was going to run his first Marathon! The Detroit Free Press in the Fall! He is inquisitive and wanting to know how to run longer, faster better.
Bill came in a few weeks ago and mentioned he was doing a local race. I told "Bill" "Hey, I will race it with you." I don't think he really thought I was going to RUN it WITH him.
Bill server our country in the Army flying helicopters

I work every Saturday but my manager was really awesome about letting me take my morning off to run with "Bill".
At 8:20 I called his house to confirm that he was coming. When "Bill answered the phone he not only confirmed he would be coming he inquired about me. "Anita. You are not going to run this with me..You are going to run your own race..." I responded..."NO, Bill..I am Running with YOU."

65 Degrees and Pure beaming sun! The race, Angels Place Race, was very organized and had several volunteers. They had 2 water stations set up on the 10K course. And they were well used in the heat.

Running with "Bill" was the best part of my day. I get a little insecure that I might drive him nuts with all my mantra and excessive encouragement. I can't help it. I love to watch people challenge their selves.
"Bills" goal was to finish in under 58 minutes. This course was very demanding. It was a beast with the wild elevation. The hills went from little rollers and soft inclines to what felt like you were Bear Grylls and mountain climbing.
"Oh crap...Is that another hill??"

"Bill"  did awesome. Every time he came to a hill I would try to encourage him. He asked what I do when I come to a hill.."Where do you look Anita." "Bill" said he looks down. I replied "I look Past it."
When we came to hill I said to "Bill" as he was doing exactly what he said he does..looking down. "No Bill. You know better than anyone, you gotta look your enemy in the eye and conquer it."

 "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall." Vince Lombardi
We didn't finish the race in under 58 minutes. We finished in 101 minutes. He was so disappointed. He is so hard on his self. 
So we pick our self back up, we analyze the play, and then we decide what we need to do differently or what we need to do more!  That is why it is so fun to work with people like "Bill".
The first full sentence out of his mouth was. "So where did I go wrong?" He just wants to grow, learn, and continue to challenge his self with personal goals. I love that. 

Running HILLS!
  •  Lean into hills
  • Keep your core strong...Running with core
  • Shorten leg stride slightly, using small quick steps
  • Pump your arms, your arms dictate your pace!
  • Look ahead of yourself up the hill
  • Learn to Love Hills!!! Train them, make a date with the hills till you learn to love them!

Pace: 9:50
Time: 1:01
 Big Congrats To Bill!! WTG!! And also "Rose" his wife for coming out to support him.ALSO..Congrats to KEN K and his wife and Dale D who also were out there this morning running!!

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