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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Training tips: How to Anticipate your Finish Time.

I"M STILL SICK..A little chesty now. And by chesty I mean it is all settling in my lungs. UGH!
I won't bore you with my whining, I think I did that enough yesterday.

Lets talk about something meaty..Like Running..Training. Goals!

Lets talk about a couple different training topics!
Questions I have helped others with:
A runner who has been consistant in thier training and has been running 3 to 4 times a week can often predict their marathon time within minutes.
*Multiply a recent half marathon time in minutes by 2 then add 10 minutes!
(For Beginners to be on the safe side add an additional 10 minutes.

There are  couple ways to do this. I shared this with "Michelle" today.
She has a GOAL marathon time. 
According to Bart Yasso, he claims that if you do 800 meter repeats-6 of them- with a walking lap in between you can achieve your goal..
If your goal is a 4 hour marathon you need to be doing the repeats in 4-4:05 minutes.
So for me to qualify for Boston I had to run my repeats in 3 minutes and 40 seconds...all 6 of them.
This is the strategy I used to qualify for Boston and it worked. I had the pleasure to meet him right before I did my marathon!
This Goal can only be met if you train consistently for the next few months. But if you do everything your are supposed to do, doing this once a week you should achieve your GOAL!!!

Goal Setting
"The great and glorious masterpiece of
man is to know how to live to purpose.
" Michel de Montaigne

It is time to start picking out your races. Whether you are deciding which marathon to run in the fall or looking forward to a Pr on your next 10k the time is now. It is runner fever. 
I found this Acronym for Goal Setting..Hope it helps you design a summer or fall running plan!!

S-SPECIFIC- Is your Goal Clear and Concise??
M-MEASURABLE- Can you determine whether you reached your Goal?
A-ADJUSTABLE- Can the Goal be modified if needed? 
R-REALISTIC- Is the Goal appropriate for you, your level of fitness, surroundings, resources, ect?
T-TIME BASED- Is the a time frame around the Goal?
E-EXCITING- Are you looking forward to achieving the Goal?
R-RECORDED/RECITED- Have you written down this Goal or shared it?

Nutrition Nuggets!
“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” ~ La Rochefoucauld
Eating before you run has 3 main functions: It tops up the muscle, liver and glycogen storage. This ensures adequate blood sugar levels..And trust me I have made the mistake of NOT eating properly and end up 3 miles from home in a full blown panic attack because I can feel my sugar dropping. I get shaky, confused and loose my focus.  Note: this is why I drink Chia Water on long runs also. it helps stabilize my blood sugar longer.
Your Pre-running meal should be low in fat, low in fiber (you dont want any tooting or bad belly issues) and high in Carbohydrates.
1 ww bagel, 1 banana= 55g carbs
1 Cup Greek Yogurt=38g carbs
1 Cup cooked oatmeal=30g carbs-w/ brown sugar add 25g for 1.5 tbsp
8 oz OJ-30g carbs
1 ENERGY Gel=25g carbs
High in antioxidants this is my Power drink right now!

Here are some Races I am running..What Races Are you signed up for??
Angels Place-May 19
Bayshore-May 26
Dexter Ann Arbor -June 3rd

Distance: 3:39
Time: 29 min
Pace: 8:28
Ran with Andy tonight, I wasn't feeling it at all. Andy begged me to keep going..I tuckered out and went back home. 


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