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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Loosing Air!!

"Any idiot can face a crisis  it's the day-to-day living that wears you out."  Anton Chekhov

The Rundown today went kinda like this:
Got up easy.
Katie left me a message she was not going to make it running this morning. With that information I  let Danielle know and she asked if I would like to go some where different. I quickly replied  back "YES!"
.We decided that Kensington Metropark would be a great place to meet. I had not trained there once this year. It is pretty hilly and challenging but a awesome place to train. Many bikers and runners go out there.

It was a perfect run..very challenging. Hill after hill...hidden by another mound who was best friends with another elevation and neighbors with decline and incline!
But the scenery was so glorious I was mesmerized by the beauty, the greenery  and the lake that we ran around. And my company was top notch. Danielle has the best smile. When she smiles she has the brightest eyes and genuineness that would make anyone feel accepted and loved by her.

We had a great run till we get back towards the car and Danielle says "Anita, I think you got a ticket." I laughed. Yup, I sure did, sitting on my windshield. Actually I am long overdue. I have been going to Indian springs now for 8 months with out a sticker. And my ticket was only 5$.

I said my goodbyes and headed into my truck. I was going to head to the office and get a year pass. As I was leaving the parking lot I was thinking  "Wow, I made it here so good, I hope I do not get lost going home." I was so proud of myself for not getting lost. As I headed out I noticed my car was acting up..I KNEW THAT sound..the sound of lumpy bumpy jarring vehicle...YUP..FLAT TIRE!!
Danielle is such and angel. She came over to me and said "Well I haven't changed a tire in a while but I think we can figure it out." I was like "What?!"  I have no idea how to change a tire, I haven't changed a tire since high school and even then I think I was flirting more than learning. A class with mostly boys...Yeah, I was not changing tires. I knew at this point I should have learned!

Danielle got the directions out and went to town..I found a Metro park Police officer and asked for assistance!

I tried to look like I knew what I was doing or that I was even a good assistant but Danielle was doing all the work until the "Maintenance men showed up!

They were so sweet. The "Officer" was there overseeing things. Everyone held a good attitude and laughs. I actually made the comment "Yeah, I just got done with a great run and saw a ticket on my car..." Then the "Officer" interrupts and finishes "Yeah, I just gave her a ticket and then she comes to her car and has a flat tire!" I think he secretly felt bad. But it was kinda funny. And something that would happen to me!

Well, got my truck on the road again. I didn't get lost going home. And was still smiling knowing I was going home to clean!
It was such a good day. Very Very busy but very productive.

I came home Cranked up the radio.  I danced to a little Adele and cleaned house! I was a cleaning dancing machine. Music is so fun and motivating.

I actually ran TWICE! I am helping out with my sons CC team and ran with the kids a couple miles. They are so fun. I love it. I try to remember I am not a 13 year old kid. I am Old, Breakable, and I do not recover the way they do. So I run with caution and disciple.
After running I quickly made dinner for the family. It was unfortunately one of those dinners Andy said "You can throw the left overs away." That is in close relation to the other statement that he says "Hunny, I love you but can this be one of those dinners you don't make again?"
Sometimes change is not always good!

But that "Change" was nothing as good as my changing locations today with Danielle for our 8 mile run. Even though I was having some unfortunate circumstances I was at the point that it was almost just plain comical. Like a sitcom. Right down to the two guys helping me.
They asked me to follow them after putting my spare on to put air in it. I asked for their picture. The one guys says "You don't know, we could be wanted..." I replied. "And you never know..I could be wanted also!!!"


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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE running at Kensington! It is my Fav! I did almost all my training there for Martian last year, and would park at Island Lake RA and then run in the one year I didn't get the pass. I miss it so much. I wish I could have been running with you today! I have changed zillions of flat tires! All that working in industrial complexes means lots of sharp things randomly on the ground. Lately, I have been a wimp and been calling AAA, but I would have loved to help you out!