"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, April 22, 2012

5 more weeks minus a DAY!

BAYSHORE 5 weeks minus a DAY! Cheezy picture..from a totally DORK..what would you expect?!

Soo today's training consisted of 18 miles. I just did 22 - 4 days ago. I took 2 days to rest those legs and eat everything in sight. 
I checked  the weather a couple days ago and knew today I had to get the long run in. Tomorrow the "Weather Bug" said HIGH WINDS and GUSTS up to 40MPH...NO thanks. That sounds like a blizzard without snow. One thing you can count on is me NOT running for 2 and a half hours AGAINST the WIND! UGH. So today we will knock it out.

I was just not in the mood. I have been feeling a bit burnt out.  I thought a nap even sounded like a good idea-way better than running 18 miles.  
But by the time we got out of church, ate breakfast at moms and played 2 hands of Euchre it was closing in on 2pm! I was delaying things because I was supposed to run with "Heidi" in the afternoon. She was gonna run a leg of my long run with me.
But with a big ole belly stuffed with waffles, quiche, coffee, fruit and homemade donuts I was going into a Carb Coma and without a call yet from "Hiedi"!
I got home still with no reply from "Heidi" so I took that as a sign to get a power nap in hopes she would respond.
I was gone to the world..I slowly started to stir after about 45 minutes, trying to convince myself it was now or never. I was not gonna be able to run in the wind tomorrow, I would rather put my foot in a blender than fight the wind and 18 miles. 
I grabbed my phone and scrolled through Facebook to wake up and see if "Hiedi" responded...and instead I got a picture which not only helped me WAKE UP  but ALSO Get UP and GO! Thank you "I <3 to run" for giving me a SIGN!. 

The Best part of my run...After running almost 10 miles, mostly into the wind..I see Andy (the hubby) running towards me on Grange Hall RD. Like my knight and shining armor he was coming to help me with my run. He ran yesterday and a couple weeks ago  pulled muscles in his chest causing him difficulty breathing AND YET...He came out to help me push through. This made my Day!!! 
(Of course there was a lil note on the table I left telling him where I would be if he wanted to join me....!)

A couple hours later....
"Tomorrow is a big day Andy, Do you know why?" I yell from the bathroom towards the bedroom where all the boys were hanging out.  Andy replies "Uh..I have no Idea." 
Alec yells "It's your birthday!"
"No ALEC..And I am a little disappointed you don't know my birthday!"
Then Andy says "Its the day your mom died?"
"NOO ANDY! That's the same month as my birthday!"  I yell from the tub. I was taking a eucalyptus lavender bath.
I add, "It is a big day that I have been waiting for -for over 6 months."
Then Austin, my oldest and also my deep thinker says with full confidence " It the New York Marathon drawing!"
"YES,YES,YES Austin..you Rock!" I say so excited.

BUT I AM WRONG!! It is actually Wednesday! lol..So you have 2 days to keep me in your prayers!!!!



  1. I'm PRAYING!!! I love that your hubby to your *hint, hint* and joined you on your run. We are very blessed to have partners in life that show up at the right time and the right place, right when we need them! Have a great week. Can't wait to hear they picked your name. ;)

  2. I just threw my name in the hat. I was thinking about it before I ran boston, knowing that it wouldn't be the best race. I really hope you get in! I will feel really bad if you don't and I do!

  3. Sounds great, you did a great job in your training and workouts. Thanks for sharing this to us, and looking forward for more updates. Good luck to the big day and I'm sure you will survive until the finish line because your prepared physically and spiritually. Motivated too, Good luck !