"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another one Bites the dust..in more ways than one!

WHAT a crazy day. It all started out with a all day 4th grade field trip to Michigan State...WE are NOT State fans! My husband is University of Michigan Alumni. But even that was not that bad. The weather was great out and the kids were actually really good.
But being gone ALL day meant my house was not cared for and dinner was not prepared for.
I no more than got home at 3:30 and had to quickly change clothes and catch up to Andy.
Today was Andy long run. I don't know how he works all day on his feet and does a long run after working 10 hours.
I was trying to hurry to be there for him so I didn't hardly even stretched..Not good. I blew out the front door to find Andy. I was running without a warm up and could hardly catch my breath. Somewhere around mile 1 my ankle twisted. It was so clear.."Ohhh Crappp.."..."Make the best fall, use your hands, protect your knees...Your GOING DOWN!" Because I was moving pretty fast it was not a pavement STOP..it was more like ANTI-Lock breaks. I just bounced and bumped across the pavement. My ego was bruised and beaten just as bad as the road rash across my palms. In embarrassment I collected myself and my broken ego. I acted like it was good. I looked around and didn't notice anyone staring to bad. But then I saw a car moving real slow heading in my direction. I waved her off and gave her hand signals indicating I was fine. She pulled up to me and I was about to say "Thank you I am OK."  But she says "Do you know where Holly High school is?"
OK..Second most embarrassing thing. She didn't know I was damaged and bleeding. She wasn't offering assistance she was in need of assistance.
I caught up with Andy at about mile 4-- after I climbed the biggest hill in HOLLY! I get almost to the top and there is Andy coming down!
Andy was having a hard run today. It was mostly mental. He was so negative and distressed that he couldn't think about anything good. He felt like crap, He wanted to quit. His back was seizing up and his hips were aching. And he was running with the Pity Pot attached to him weighing him down mentally and physically.
 We did a walk/run. Run for 11 minutes walk for 1. The closer to home the better he got.
 Got home..changed and tried to camouflage my stinky body make it to the kids Youth Group..where I am a leader for girls.
All the while today I wondered...Did I make it into NYC Marathon??  How will I handle it? Will I be OK with the outcome no matter what?
Drumm role......that sounds like me biffing it today...
NOPE..Didn't get it. It is what it is. I a surprisingly Ok with it. there is a nerdy smile across my face. So that must mean I am ok. I nerdy smile is better than grieving tears!

I believe God cares about the big things and the little things. I believe God hurts when I hurt and laughs when I laugh. He is bigger than me and sees everything I do not. He cares more about my Character than my Comfort...He knows what is best for me ALL the time. So NYC is out..but that is because my Father God didn't have it in my schedule. I have peace in his decision.
Be' very careful, then, how you live--not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is." Eph 5:15-17



  1. Maybe that all was a sign to slow your butt down, before you get injured again!!! You conquered Boston, and we all know that beats out NY!!! (Learn your baseball, Bostonian's don't like New Yorkers anything)!!! Anyway, can't believe you got up and kept running! I would have taken that as a sign to go home and sit on the couch!!! You are my motivation really! I am amazed by you!! The Lord has his reasons!!

    1. It could have been..lol...I would like to run a race with you and Bob! That is a race that is ALSO on the BUCKET LIST leeanne!!

  2. Sorry to hear you didn't get NY. You're young and healthy. You'll keep trying and get there one of these years! :)

    1. Thanks Michelle. If first off you fail, try try again..Or something like that...!!

  3. I just found your blog. I like what you stand for. I will keep following!
    Oh and I know the "not being a fan" feeling. I did the Big Heart 10K a couple weeks ago and wasn't feeling all "go blue" on the field. Go State! ;)

    1. Thanks Steph, I am glad that you checked it out. Just curious, what do you like?
      You will get a kick out of this, I had a field trip to State yesterday with my son..We are Michigan fans..I had to chaperone..It was actually really fun! I learned alot, The campus is beautiful!