"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, April 29, 2012

BAYSHORE 4 weeks Minus a day!

Marathon: Sold OUT! 2500 runners. Sold out 1 day!
1/2 Marathon: Sold OUT! 2300 Runners. Sold out in 6 hours
10k: OPEN! Less than 300 spots remaining.

My Training is at its PEAK. I ran 22 miles today. With an average of 50 miles for the week. 

PRO's of My Training this Winter/Spring
  •  I feel confident with my miles. 
  • My body feels like it is still open to the idea of me running this marathon.
  • I have had more company this year with training then past years, Thanks to Heidi, Andy, Danielle and Katie, my Running Angels.
  • I have gotten comfortable pounding the gravel versus pavement and loving those dirt roads..not the drivers so much that blow pass you kicking up dust, dirt and rocks.
CON's of My Training this Winter/Spring
  • Not enough SPEED work..gotta get more in
  • Not enough HILLS..gotta get more in
  • Loosing to much weight..I am constantly hungry?!!

Weather: Temperature 60' Sunny
First 9 miles with Andy. Average pace 9:38
Next 8 miles with Heidi. Average pace 9:22
Last 5 miles with myself. Average pace 8:31

LSD- Long Slow Distance.
Today was not about pace, speed or running like a cheetah. It was about distance. Feeling my feet hit the ground mile after mile. Andy and I actually ran a 11 and 1. I looked forward to the walking breaks. It was so nice to talk to my husband. He has been a bit on the silent side the last few days. I enjoy listening to him. You should be able to carry on a conversation on a long run. If you can't then you are running to fast.

We met up with Heidi. Her and I separated from Andy. He BEGGED me to not follow him. Heidi said it best. He probably didn't want to run and listen to 2 chicks yip yapping! Heidi NEVER stops smiling. I love it. Even in crisis she smiles. You never know if she is pooping out cause she has such a great attitude and smile. We ran almost 8 miles together. We too did a little stop and going but again it was great.

When I dropped Heidi off I looked at my Garmin and had about 6 miles to go. With ear buds in my ears I let the music direct me. I took some time out to pray and ask God for strength and safety. Thankful that God had gotten me this far I felt a little guilty asking God for a few more miles. But I KNOW He had already given it to me. I just had to run with faith and "Press for the Mark." 

With BAYSHORE less than 4 weeks away. Here are some Goals I have for next few weeks:
  • One more 20miler
  • Hills/repeats once a week till week of.
  • Purchace race Chomps, 
  • Purchase NEW OUTFIT!!
  • Get back to Kensington to Run!
Who is Training for a Spring Run..What am I missing. Do you have any training advice for me these last few weeks??? Is anyone out there running Bayshore Marathon??


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