"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Friday, April 8, 2011

There are no Dead Ends....Your Beginning Prt 2

The obvious answer to starting to run is "one step at a time". Isn't that the cliche for almost everything that we start though?
I am going to give you the way that "I" started. First off I want to let you know that I did not just take off and go like Forrest Gump. I got winded, side stitches,shin splints and blisters. I was no exception to the agony of starting out. But excuses can line up all day long but they do not get the job done. I wanted to RUN. I wanted to feel FREE, I wanted to drop my tears on the pavement, I wanted to embrace all the beauty that God had illustrated outside...I wanted to laugh, cry, pray, praise and endure every new challenge that I found running had to offer me.
Before running, someone had told me about this 3 & 1, or a 5 & 1program. It basically is running 3 minutes, brisk walking 1 minute, same at 5 & 1, running 5 minutes then walking 1. This is a program that I later learned was developed from Jeff Galloway. I used this method and also the "Run to the Sign Method"! I would pick out a spot and run to it then walk to a destination and continue to rotate back and forth run and walk. I would continue to lengthen my running and shorten my walking to the point I was able to no longer walk anymore. This was not any extraordinary program. It was a program Anyone could do. It was a program that is achievable for anyone that wants it. The great thing about running all you need is a pair of shoes and your time. You do not need a fancy gym membership or a trendy mat or any equipment other than what God gave you. You do not even need a road to run...Mother Nature is full of adventure.

3 Different ways  to start:
  1. TIME- Choose a time you want to work out. If I only had 30 minutes, I would go for that distance walk/running. I would remember my route and the the next time try and go FARTHER in the same amount of time. 
  2. DISTANCE- Not paying much attention to time but more on your distance. Map out a run route and use it elongating the distance a little bit more each time. 
  3. SPEED-This one is very important for beginning running. Do not worry about it, that how important it is! Speed is where you can get injured if you are not careful.
Keep it simple. Just get your booty outside. Enjoy the air through your lungs. Embrace the outdoors and watch what you can do. If you want to run, If you are reading this and have gotten THIS far in today's blog you must WANT to run...Than tomorrow is your day!! Make a date with yourself. Set  out your clothes, your shoes, charge your ipod (if you like music) and go to bed thinking about your route! All you have to do to start is one step at a time. Victory lies in meeting your challenge. FAILURE is NOT an Option!


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