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Monday, April 4, 2011

Running with ASTHMA

Today was day one of Spring Break. I told the kids we would be doing errands during the morning as well as  half of the afternoon. That was not a popular conversation. After they recovered from their age regressed temper tantrums and resigned to the idea Mom wins, Kids loose, we did quite well. They tolerated a few hours with no PSP, TV, SKYPE, or outdoor adventures, rather hanging with mom at Trader Joes, and a few other odds and ends.
Devon, Sheba, Alec, Anita, Austin and Justin
I told Austin we would run outdoors for him today, and again we revisited the temper tantrum. And once we established the rules of the game (again) he redirected his energy into what he would wear and how long we would go. He was especially pleased when I let his friend Devon go. Devon is very athletic but not a runner. He is a Baller. But Devon usually comes with an attachment...his little brother, Justin. I was VERY apprehensive to let him go as he is only 9 but my youngest son was going also, Alec. So I thought the two would be a good partnership.
Austin and Devon took out beautifully. They were rhythmic.  And though Devon is not a runner he did awesome. He stayed right up with Austin running 3 miles together.
Alec and Justin....Poor Lil guys. Alec did pretty well other than a side stitch I was very proud of him. Justin informs me of his asthma a half a mile into running and I am like "Oh great, on my watch." He finished, walking more than half the way which I recommended. I would circle back around and stay with him a bit until I had to check on Alec and the other two. I did more circling and there and backs to make me dizzy. Managing 3 different kids and their running was very consuming. But we all finished and I encouraged to three who finished a few minutes ahead of Justin to meet him and bring him in together and they did.
It appeared Justin had:
  1. Up to 80% of kids with asthma have symptoms when they exercise.
  2. The main cause of this asthma is cold dry air.
  3. When kids exercise or play strenuously, they tend to breathe quickly, shallowly, and through the mouth. So the air reaching their lungs misses the warming and humidifying effects that happen when they breathe more slowly through the nose.
  4. Symptoms of exercise-induced asthma include wheezing, tightness or pain in the chest, coughing, and in some cases, prolonged shortness of breath.
  5. Kids with exercise-induced asthma often begin having symptoms 5 to 10 minutes after starting to exercise. Symptoms usually peak 5 to 10 minutes after stopping the activity and may take an hour or longer to end.
  6. Someone may have exercise-induced asthma if he or she:
  • gets winded or tired easily during or after exercise
  • coughs after coming inside from being active outdoors
  • can't run for more than a few minutes without stopping
This information came from:

In closing, Although Justin had to walk most of the way, I was so proud of him, He kept moving, He gave all he had and really just wanted to be part of the gang. Nobody likes to be left out. That is the great thing about running, it does not matter how fast you go or how far you reach it is just finishing and encouraging others to do the same.


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