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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The city of Boston.. Day 1

Vender Hot Dog with Everthing!
Sleeping last night for both Andy and I escaped us. By the time we fell asleep it was after 1am and we tossed and turned all night. I heard Andys alarm go off several times and not knowing what time it was he kept responding it was fine. And I believed him, we got up late, missed our first shuttle and were hauling to get to the 4:30 AM shuttle. Keeping the momentum going we continued in high gear through check in and security. By the time we got on the straight way (in the airport) we heard the PA announce someones name and to report immediately to their terminal.... Andy then laughing leans into me and says, "You know you are late when they announce you over the PA." Just then we hear across the PA, " We need Andrew and Anita Harless to  report immediately to Gate D2." Opps. Without having time to get nervous we quickly board our flight. By the time the momentum finally slowed down I realized that our plane is about as big as a HOT WHEEL. No joke! And just to add a cherry on top of my shaky nerves the Captain reports that the conditions were rainy and that our flight would be quite a bit bumpy. This is the description of the first 1 and a half of my morning existence. Prayer and coffee are great comfort tools.

We arrived in Newark and caught our connecting flight to Boston to begin to see the Marathon Madness. The Brotherhood, A Marathon Fraternity. Boston Qualifier jackets everywhere. That is what everyone is talking about. From the plane ride into Boston that is all you saw and heard. The Marathon has invaded all of the city. And it is so cool to be a part of this. You are listening to peoples times and their races that they qualified at, you see people laughing in 40 degree weather at perfect strangers talking about their Boston Marathon experience.
This one single event has brought over 26,000 runners together. To the oldest marathon in Boston and the longest consecutive running race in the WORLD. It has brought us all together as a band of brothers and sisters all coming to run our own race, Each one of us knowing the work, dedication, commitment, injuries, sacrifices and the list goes on to achieve this. We are not shy with one another and if there was a secret Boston handshake I am afraid we would all learn it. Coming to Boston for the Marathon is like being a Harley Motorcycle rider and going to Sturgis.
Andy and I met my brother, Bob and his wife Leeanne at the airport. We separated at the hotel. Andy and I took The T( their train system) into the city where we walked and walked. We enjoyed a hot dog from the street vender together, It was amazing. This is something I would not normally eat but I crave and had no problem inhaling.We walked around the park and took the Duck Tour around the city. The guy directing the tour was wearing a baby blue ruffled tuxedo. I thought this is going to be interesting. It was hilarious. It was well worth the money. We got out of the cold and got a history lesson with entertainment. Why didn't we have teachers this fun growing up? We never really warmed up. We went into Faneuil Hall Market place and got the boys some gifts. Every time we went outside we quickly looked for 1 of 2 things, Somewhere warm to get to or another coffee house to drink something warm..

We finished our night at dinner at the Union Oyster House ( America's Oldest Restaurant) and found The T back to the hotel. Andy and I had a lot of fun discovering this new city. The experience is a opportunity of a lifetime. To be part of something that is so engraved in this city is pretty spectacular.
I am crashing quickly. Tomorrow is a new day and this is all ready over in a blink.

Boston built the first subway system in the United States in 1897.
The 3rd Monday in April is a legal holiday in Massachusetts called Patriot's Day.(Boston Marathon)


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