"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Need Not be Offenended

My son had a 10am basketball tournament today.
When we returned home the temperature had reached 82 degrees.
Andy had big plans. Double digit run, 10 miles.

I really was not sure if I could pull this one off with him. To be honest, Andy and I were having a little spat and I really didn't like him. I secretly knew that he really needed me to run this long hot run with him. I knew he was going to have to eat his words and ask me to run with him.
And he DID!
Now, I had to get over being a brat and run with him.

We hardly spoke for the first 3 miles. Our conversation consisted of simple words.
"Its Hot"
"How far are we going"
"What route?"
"How's the Knee?"

Slowly, we started to run down our stubbornness and enjoy the run and even each other again.
We ran intervals. 5 /1. Run five minutes and walk 1 mile.
Our route was hilly which aggravated my knee. Most of the run my knee pain was at a level 2. I believe the walk breaks helped to achieve the distance.

Due to the heat I ran in shorts and a sports bra. My body looks nothing like a super model. I am slender but not curvy. When temperatures are over 80 degrees I often run in a sports bra. When running you always tack on an additional 10 degrees. So when Andy and I were out there running today the temps felt like they were in the 90's.

I guess to some I may look like a hoochie mama. I am not pretentious or showy. I have nothing to show off, however, I HATE running HOT.

When Andy and I reached mile 9, we were baking. Andy had sweat that had developed sweat. The sun was beating directly down on us as we approached home. We had to stop to refill our water.
We were running through Battle Alley when we came up to a group of 4 adults lounging outside.
They were all dressed very nice. They were smoking cigarettes outside and were all obese. I would not have noticed their appearance had they not been so rude to me.
As I followed Andy's lead, we closely passed them. One of them under their breath but loud enough for me to hear says "PUT a SHIRT on!"
WOW, did I just hear that? My instant reaction was to get upset and offended.  I was taking care of my health and being active while they were being rude and unhealthy. It was 85 degrees out and I was running 10 miles in it. I could feel myself getting angry. How dare he be so rude. Who did he think he was??
I told Andy what he said. Andy started to spout off. I was so thankful we were not within ears reach of them.
I asked Andy if I was inappropriately dressed. Andy is big on being modest.
"Anita, you are running in almost 90 degree weather, it is hot out here and it is not safe to be over dressed."
I replied to Andy, "I might be able to understand if I looked like a Victoria Secret model but honestly Andy...."
I was offended.

Running is the best thing for clearing your head. I was glad that we still had a little over a mile to go for me to let it go.

This is the society we live in. If someone crosses their eyes at us wrong we are coming out of our seat. If they cut us off driving we are chasing them down the road.
If they do not return our phone call or even say "Hi" to us right away we are OFFENDED.

We get offended at people we know and we get offended at people we do not know.
We constantly carry a chip on our shoulders. We are like a crouching tiger, waiting to pounce on someone if given the opportunity.  We will chew them up and spit them out.

As much as his words hurt and I wanted to back lash at him, I knew it was not right.
FIVE things I KNEW About Being Easily Offended:
  1. Hurting People Hurt People
  2. Be Confident in who I am and what I am doing. Seek accountability. (I asked my husband)
  3. Build a Bridge and GET OVER IT!
  4. Forgive and Forget
  5. Don't let it Rent Space in Your Head.
Living a life offended is like carrying a bag of garbage around with you all the time. It smells to you and you smell to others.
It makes relationships difficult. People are afraid of you. Conversations are awkward. Everyone ends up walking on eggshells.

I hold myself accountable by asking myself this simple question. I learned this from a lady I coach with. "Was it Malicious and Intentional?"

I have been in the fire many times. I have learned in order to be "Christ Like" I need  to do my OWN self inventory. I have to check not only my actions but also my heart.

Saturday I ran a 5k. It was my sons schools' 5K.
My role in the 5K was to organize and train participants to be ready to run the 5K. I "coached" them for over 15 weeks. I also attended meetings to organize the run. I was in charge of marking the course on the day of the race.

I had several of the ladies I have coached show up with confidence and excitement. I also had about 20 of the XC  kids I jointly coach come out to run the 5K.
I was so excited to see all of them. I am a lunatic when it comes to running. I know people who do not know me think I am off my rocker.
I JUST LOVE RUNNING. I get so stoked to part of some one's victory. I yell, scream, give High Fives, sing songs, you name it!!

For the race I went in it wanting to race. I knew there was no possibility with my knee. The harder I run the more it gets aggravated.
I grabbed as many X country kids as I could before the race and we ran a warm up lap as a group. We had about 20 of us strong. I had the biggest grin of pride stamped across my face.

We lined up in the front of the finish line and about 200 runners. I wanted to run with my X country kids but the reality was they were really FAST and I could not keep up with them!
Every time my foot stuck the ground, my knee made me sweat. I felt fatigued so much faster with the pain. It is hard to believe that last year I ran this same race at 19:27 and this year I finished at 23:11 and thought I just might kick the bucket!
I finished it with 2 of my favorite XC kids. Together the 3 of us ran the race along side one another. I coached them and cheered them on. They are both so polite they tried to talk back to me. "Shh, don't talk, save your energy." I replied.

We finished the race together with smiles and sweat. Austin, my oldest was just a couple seconds in front of us.

When they handed out awards I was even more excited. Not only did I get to watch almost all the medals go to the XC kids, I also had the pleasure of watching some of our girls from the running club get medals and PR's.
I didn't PR.
I did get 1st place in my age group: 40-49!
I was 20th overall.

It is such a good feeling to end this reminding myself of things that give you JOY, Love, Victory, and Happiness. It trumps that guy who was being mean and hurtful.



  1. Anita, I just love your heart, It open for all to see and we can feel it too. Thanks for letting us see "who" you are ! You are awesome !

    1. Shannon, I am probably a little TOO honest. My hope is that in my honesty people will see my transparency and know that I fail every day. I know my actions and thoughts are not always the best but I try to show that we have a way to recover in anything. Through Christ all things are possible.
      Thank you for your encouraging words. Sometimes when I am honest I get a little insecure that people might be "Offended". !!