"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dr. Samani's Diagnosis.

I sent my MRI disc out this morning to Dr. Samani. I am really hoping that it will continue to stay positive and I will NOT get a call back from their office.
He did give me a diagnosis. I did not share it yesterday until I had spoke to some of my family about it first.
On my way from one DR to the other Dr yesterday I called Andy to let him know what Dr. Samani had said. I was so overwhelmed with joy that my running career was not over that I started crying like a baby. I had not even got the words out of my mouth when Andy interrupted me and said...ITB.
"Yes, Yes Andy, it was ITB friction he diagnosed me with." I replied with my lips quivering and overcome with gratitude. I continued, "He wants me to have physical therapy."

To be very honest, I am still apprehensive about his interpretation of my MRI report. Until he sees the disc I am not all in.
To add injury to insult regarding that MRI,  I just got a letter that it was not covered by insurance!
That one went over like a fart in church!

Another one Bites the DUST.
I met Danielle for a bike ride in Fenton. We had so much to catch up on, we yapped more than we pedaled. I always like to look at people when I talk to them or listen to them. There are a couple places that you can not do that: 1. Riding a bike 2. Driving ( I am not a good driver with passengers!)
At about mile 4 Danielle was sharing a story with me. Rather than pay attention to my direction, I looked over at her. By the time I looked forward, a yellow angled wire covering, reached out and ripped me off my bike. Ok, more like my handle bars overlapped it and I went flying through the air, half on and half off my bike. I desperately tried to avoid knocking Danielle over, all the while hoping I could control my fall and not land on my knee. It is amazing how fast my brain can work when it is fully engaged. I wish it worked like that more. Danielle commented on what a "controlled fall" I had. I was scraped up pretty good. My pride was tore up mostly, being that we were downtown Fenton during high traffic.
I painted on my best smile, jumping back on my bike. I assessed the damage as the pain began to present its self. It could have been worse.

Wrapping it up:
1. Results for my thyroid: Non Cancerous, 1 year follow-up.
2.  Completed day 19 of the Ab Challenge (Thanks a lot Melissa W.)
3. Started some PT at home today with Andy. (lateral leg raises, 1 legged squats, pistol squats hip hikes)
4. Called Clint Verans office for PT. He is out of town.
5. Special thanks to:
Michelle B.- She always has the words of encouragement to give me. It is always simple and profound.
6. Special thank you to Erin, Stephanie and Jama from my running group, for all their kind words and prayers.
7. Much love to my family in Iowa, Aunt Lois.
8. I am so thankful that my running partner, Danielle still meets me. I can't run and my biking skills are nothing to write home about, but her companionship is worth more weight than gold.

Running Tip for the DAY: Acceptance. We have a little thing called intuition. We like to ignore Intuition when she bears the bad news of injury.
My love affair with running is so important to me that I and going to have to sacrifice a few weeks of running together so I can enjoy her in fullness later. I probably ran in pain more than I should have.
"Intuition" let me know I was injured. Pain presented itself with a bold invitation. I made my appointment as soon as I could. Now I have to let it go, accept it do what has to be done.

How would you describe Yourself?
Do you listen to INTUITION? Do you Listen to Pain? Do You Listen to the DR's?
How's that working out?


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