"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Medals we earn in our Hearts.

I ran MY First Run since LAST WEDNESDAY!!
I ran with the group today. And if it was not for running with the girls, my run would have stunk!
We did almost 4 and 1/2 miles this morning. We started off running in the rain. We finished running without rain and without half of our clothes. The humidity went into full effect as we approached Grange Hall rd. As we all stopped to cross, at the same time we started taking off our jackets and long sleeve shirts. I am sure it was a funny sight, 7 woman on the side of the road all sweaty and stripping down!

I knocked out 2 and added 2 more.
Last week, I went to see my primary doctor. I left with a handful more of appointments.
I have been poked, prodded, examined and today totally embarrassed.

Yesterday, I had a foot of tubing stuck down my nose. They had to numb my nasal cavity to make it more comfortable?! Really? I looked at the tubing then at the Dr. with the look of horror. "That is a cruel joke, Seriously? You are sticking all that through my nose?"
He replied with laughter.
I didn't really feel it too much, it was just awkward and a little creepy. It looked like a snake, it creeped me out knowing he could see everything through this little skinny alien. It felt like I was being invaded in a sense. No pun intended!
Even though I got that appointment knocked out, he set me up for another procedure.

Today, I had the follow up procedure done but again left with another appointment.  Directly after that appointment, I had another appointment in the same building.
Ok. So I will be as mature as I can about this one.
First: "I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made." But I do believe God has a sense of humor. I have never had a issue with the way God designed me. I am very comfortable in my own skin.
But to get a Mammogram as a size A is hilarious to me.
I tried not to giggle as the technician was trying to scoop, tug and pull. I turned into 15 again. The tech was really earning her pay with little ole me.
My mom had a tumor removed in her early 40's. I know that breast cancer is very serious. But I was really shocked that they found something abnormal and I have to go back. I am not concerned about it, just surprised.

Back for 3 more appointments tomorrow. I am looking forward to tomorrows the most. It is a double edged sword I suppose. My MRI on my knee is tomorrow. I am glad that I am getting it so fast, however, I am scared to death of what it is going to say.

Could use a lot of prayers right now.
I am feeling very broken, physically and if we keep the momentum going I will be financially too!


Yesterday was our Cross Country Banquet. I walked in about 5 minutes to 6pm. I was taken back by how incredible it looked. There was a parent group that headed up decorating and organizing the banquet. It was done with so much thought. This is my 4th year volunteering and the best banquet by far.
The kids had me in tears. I am 1 of 6 coaches. We have over 60 XC kids. With 6 coaches, we were really able to zone in more with kids and their personal needs.  Many of the parents commented on what a great experience it was this year for their children.

I was still receiving messages at 10pm at night from parents.
It was a great experience for me. When the kids walked by me after the Head Coach gave them their awards, many of them said "Thank You Coach."
I responded with the same words. I was so thankful to them.
I was thankful that they came out with dedication, commitment, hard work, and great times. Our team consistently took all the medals at the meets. It was the best gift a coach could ask for. I am truly the thankful one.

I felt bad for Alec. He is my 6th grader. On the way home Alec said "Mom, I am never going to get an award, am I?"
I replied, "Alec, I am so sorry, I know you are an incredible runner. You were our fastest 6th grader out there. But as your mother and your coach I could never nominate you."
Alec had his head down, "I know mom, it wouldn't be fair......"
I am not sure what the right thing to do is when you are in my position. Alec is a great runner. I see so much potential in him. The awards had his little head spinning with thoughts. I think it may be time to start setting some goals for himself. I feel bad because you want your parents to be your number one fan. And I am, only I can not show it.  In my case, even if he was Ryan Hall I wouldn't feel I could ever nominate him. This would be hard for me if I was in Alec's shoes. I feel bad for him. I look at it as an opportunity for him to push through and grow from it. I am glad he understood my position on it. For a little guy he has a lot of quiet wisdom.
It isn't always about getting the award. The awards don't make the person. The person makes the person. Awards and medals are what many of strive for in running. We work hard to earn them. But even if you never get an award or a medal you have to know that you are still incredible.
You have to look at the tools you learned along the way. Ultimately, the hard work and dedication is an award in itself. The heart and the grit is a great gift that you know more than anyone. Even conquering your defeats with a great attitude and cheering someone on to their victory is a medal winner. Even if you never get the bling around your neck, you humbly earned it in your heart.



  1. You make me laugh and cry! glad u got to run a bit & praying for you today for mri and other test results. yeah mammograms are not made for those of us with a little bit of nothing up top lol;-) glad the banquet went well. i think its ok to.nominate Alec if the award is merit based -.such as most improved time or something concrete that can be measured. its the subjective ones like most team.spirit that are harder to judge i think. if he earns an award he should be presented with it. not his fault if his mom.is an amazing runner and awesome coach:-D

    1. I laughed before my appointment because of the appointment and I laughed after the appointment because of the appointment. It was just plain funny. They wanted to do another procedure again after todays ultrasound, I said, "Come On, is it really Necessary??" She winked at me and said quietly..No, not really....I like your thoughts on the award idea. Very well said. Can't wait to catch up, Miss you