"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Recover, Remember, Rejoice.

The beginning of my day I drifted through trying not to think to much. I got the tears out of the way early so I could try and recover in order to get through my very busy day.
Today was Ariel's Birthday.
During our morning devotion I could tell Austin was thinking. When I finished reading to him I asked if he would close in prayer. Without hesitation he bowed his head.
"Dear God, ......You had a plan for taking Ariel, ......I just ask that you bring us all together as a family for Ariel."
It was so tender hearted. He prayed for unity. For the family to come together. I thought this was full of wisdom and love.
There is another part of recovery I had to put in place this morning. My Knee. I met Danielle as scheduled for out regular 8 miles. Only we did almost 10! BIKING! The spring elements were teasing me to run. I even tried to run in the parking lot of Panera's before we took off. I made it about 30 feet. With my knee rehearsing the pain of yesterday I headed to the trunk to get my bike. I brought my bike and even Danielle surprised me bringing her bike also.

I finally went to the Dr.s today. I left with a half of a tree in paper for specialists that I need to see, images that I have to have done and prescriptions I have to fill. Please keep me in prayer. I have had some health issues I have not taken care of and they may haunt me now.

Maw Maw Smith ended up in the hospital today. I spent a couple hours with her this afternoon. They are going to keep her for observation over night.  More Prayers please.
It took over 10 hours for her to get a room out of the emergency and food!
This was one of Ariel's last blog posts. Charlie meant the world to her. He loved her dearly.
I wore my favorite Ariel shirt, Ariel bracelet and bracelet Charlie (Ariel's boyfriend) bought for me in remembrance of Ariel. I asked Charlie if he would like to meet me at the cemetery to see Ariel. We ended up meeting at a local florist/gift shop.
I bought some flowers along with a couple gifts to give in remembrance of her.
It was a good visit with Charlie and Ariel. Charlie talked about some of his favorite memories. Memories with Ariel and Austin. We laughed. I told Charlie I have a hard time going to see her because it is so hard to recover. Charlie eloquently replied " It is a wound that trying to heal and you keep picking the scab." He described it for me so well. As we left I felt peace. I was comfortable in my emotions remembering she was in heaven. It is not about honoring Ariel in my presence, it is about honoring Ariel in my actions.
REJOICE: At the end of a tough day you have to REJOICE.
I REJOICE knowing Ariel is Dancing and smiling down on me.
I REJOICE knowing Maw Maw Smith is going to be OK.
I REJOICE being able to see Charlie today and Ariel's Sorority sister, Katie on Ariel's Birthday. Katie actually gave me the greatest gift, Ariel's comforter. I can not wait to wrap myself up in it.
I REJOICE over the box of Godiva dark chocolate truffles next to my bed.
I gave Charlie a plant of mine from her funeral. Today I bought him a rock that said Rejoice. This is the picture he sent me. It was perfect.

What do You have in your hard day to Rejoice over?

Smiling at My Angel in Heaven.

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