"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Courage of a Freshman.

This morning it took everything I had not to throw myself on the floor in a temper tantrum. "SNOW?!" I didn't know whether I should cry or scream. I am grieving over the loss of running outside.
I read Michelle B's blog with a cup of coffee before the family woke up.  She too had a tantrum, I totally felt her pain.

Back to the Gym for a Long Run!
I decided to run around the track. I thought of Michelle as she really struggled finishing her long run around the track. I decided to run for her. My track is larger than the one she was running on at the YMCA.
Michelle had to run 100 laps to run 10 miles.
I had to run 68 laps to run 16 miles.

I also noticed this cute little man. I recognized him from the CRIM. He is a old time CRIMMER, one of the 20+ years runner who run that race. He was not running as fast but he was running as hard and as long as I was. After an hour there he was! After 2 hours there he was! He noticed me and he would smile. I smiled at him and nodded as I would pass. Catching my attention he yells at me "How far are you going?"  Smiling I responded "4 more miles until 60 laps." He then one-ups me and says "I have 4 miles until 80!"

I was totally inspired by this old warrior. His curly locks were soaked in sweat. He was probably in his 70's with the body of someone in their 50's. His posture was a little buckled but he was running like the energizer bunny. He ran steady and very consistent. I really enjoyed watching him run.

The last I saw the old timer was at my 63rd lap. I wanted to see him at the end. As I finished the last lap I noticed a lady that had been running the track for about an hour and a half with us. As I ran past her I shouted "Great run out there today!". She looked stunned as she quickly glanced in my direction. With a big smile she said "Thank You!"

PACE: 8:52
DISTANCE: 16 miles
TIME: 2h22min

Austin was on Snowcoming court. We have never let Austin go to a dance. You might say we are a little protective. That's OK. It really has never been a big deal. This year because he made court he had to go. It was a big deal. I remember, I was on homecoming court in high school too.
Andy and I really do not fit in very well.
The conservative Christians have issues with me working, wearing tight clothing and having my kids in a public school. And the world thinks we are a bunch of Jesus freaks because we are protective, don't drink and are conservative in our values.  (I am good with that).
So letting Austin go to the dance was a big step. I have been to the dances as a teenager and have a had lot of young people tell me what goes on at them.
Well at 9pm, after only 1 hour Andy received a text. Before Andy had a chance to read it I blurted out "It's Austin wanting us to pick him up!" Wishfully thinking out loud.
It took a few minutes to find out WHY he called us to pick him up. He really hated to see all the drinking that the kids were doing. He didn't want to be around it.
Let me just say I am so proud of him. DRINKING has done NOTHING GOOD for my family. He has seen this first hand. I NEVER sheltered him from going to my families to see what drinking and drugging will do to a person.
The courage it must have taken to make that choice to have your dad come pick you up... Austin is not a soft kid. He is all boy. He is strong, confident and well rounded. He made a decision as a young Christian boy to Honor God.
How does a 14 year old have the courage to draw a line in the sand and as adults we allow ourselves to be around things all day long we do not believe in?
When do we make a decision to DRAW a line in the sand and say "Hey this is NOT RIGHT!" Or "I shouldn't be HERE?"
Or as a CHRISTIAN "Does this HONOR GOD?"
This world will eat your children up and spit them out without a drop of remorse. Our children learn from OUR actions and LACK of.
WHERE is your Courage?
More people died last year from DRUG OVERDOSE than car accidents! (Heard this from our sermon this morning)
It is time to get serious about drawing a line in the sand. Stand up. Have Courage.
Check out the CONTEST for a SPORT KILT!!
WHERE do you need to have more courage? Are there areas in your life you need to make a stand?


  1. Tantrum is definitely the right word :P I've made peace With the dreadmill bc it lets me shut off my brain completely :(

    1. The treadmill has a lot to offer. I just have to wrap my head around it..and get my legs on it.

  2. You have raised courageous, strong and smart boys. it is ashame he had to face this issue at such a young age. what he did says volumes about his character. good job parents - you should be proud!!

    1. Danielle, it is so hard for every step forward as a parent of a teenager I feel like there is 3 steps down. I am so very thankful for his courage. Andy found out he had a twitter and followed him secretly. He saw a tweet from the dance that said "I was disappointed by a lot of people tonight."

  3. High five to that boy!!!!! Good values instilled makes a difference...

    1. Amen Rebecca, And never cease praying!!